Lego Museum, Prague: Visitor’s Guide 2024

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Lego Museum in Prague is a large exhibition, which contains more than 2500 models of the legendary designer. There are vintage sets and the modern pieces. You can participate in master classes and interactive activities for children and adults.

Read this post to get up-to-date information about Lego Museum in Prague and other branches in Czech Republic; learn more about things to see, how to get there, ticket prices and more.

General Information

  • Address: Národni 362/31, 110 00 Staré Město, Czech Republic.
  • How to get there: by metro to the Můstek station or by trams 2, 9, 18, 22, 23, 41 to the Národní třída stop.
  • Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 20:00.
  • Ticket price: adult – 250 kroons, preferential (children) – 180 kroons, family – 650 kroons.
  • You can buy a ticket to the Lego Museum in Prague here.
  • You can get 40% discount on Lego Museum ticket if you have Prague Card (Prague CoolPass).
  • Official website:
  • Phone: +420 777 771 070.
  • On the map: link .
Lego Museum in Prague (Czech Republic)

The legendary plastic constructor “Lego” was invented by the Dane Ole Kirk Christensen in 1932. He created wooden blocks for kids’ games, which appealed to many children in Denmark, and then all over the world.

It is noteworthy that since 1950, the entire Lego constructor has been produced in one format. This means that the child can mix the details of both vintage and the most modern models of the designer.

How many Lego Museums in Czech Republic?

If you are in the Czech Republic, be sure to check out one of the five Lego museums! The first museum is located in Prague and is full of interactive exhibits. Kids (and adults!) will love exploring all the different rooms and trying out the different challenges.

The second museum is located in Kutna Hora and features a large collection of Lego sets from all over the world. Visitors can also build their own models in the on-site workshop. The third museum is located in Špindlerův Mlýn and is focused on the history of Lego.

The fourth museum is located in Jeseník and has a huge variety of Lego sets on display, as well as a playground for kids to burn off some energy. And last but not least, the fifth museum is located in Poděbrady and has a focus on environmental sustainability. All of the museums are sure to be a fun (and educational!) experience for everyone.

George’s square in Poděbrady and City Hall of Liberec are on display at this Lego museum. This is the newest branch, which houses more than three thousand exhibits for visitors to enjoy!

Kutna Hora

The Lego Museum in Kutná Hora is home to a number of rare and unique models, including Sedlec Ossuary and the Temple of St. Barbara. In addition to these rare finds, visitors can also enjoy more than a thousand other various Lego models on display.

The indoor exhibition spaces are complemented by a number of models displayed in the open-air area of the museum. Whether you’re a die-hard Lego fan or just looking for a fun day out, the Lego Museum in Kutná Hora is sure a must-visit.


The Jesenice branch of the Lego Museum is located right next to a beautiful spa house. Together with other models, this building has been immortalized in microscopic detail through thousands legos pieces just for its display here at local museum! Its also a great place to learn about LEGO world history.

What to see at Lego Museum in Czech Republic

The Lego Museum in Prague is the largest in Europe. Its area exceeds 330 square meters. To create two thousand exhibits, at least a million parts of the constructor details were spent, and the museum itself is divided into twenty thematic zones.

The most popular thematic zones at Lego Museum in Prague:

  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The characters of the legendary fantasy epic are waiting for you in this room.
  • Deep space. Here you will see the heroes of Star Wars, Star Trek and other films about the conquest of distant galaxies.
  • The Incredible Adventures of Indiana Jones. Immerse yourself in the world of hidden treasures, wild jungles and magical artifacts.
  • Cars of different peoples of the world. Vehicles from different countries and different years, created using the constructor.
  • Copies of architectural objects. The Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Arc de Triomphe, the Roman Colosseum – all this can be seen in this room.
  • Lego City. A metropolis created from a constructor, in which dozens of citizens live.
Lego Museum in Prague

In addition to the exhibition halls, the museum has an intercative area, which is located on the first floor. In this zone, anyone can play with the constructor and create their own city or movie characters.

There is a play area next to the main entrance. The youngest museum visitors are invited here to build houses or cars using large Lego blocks. There is also a children’s swing, a dry pool and a small playground with slides.

Exhibits at the Lego Museum in Prague

Things to know before visiting LEGO Museum in Prague

Lego Museum in Prague is definitely a must-see for Lego and pop culture lovers! Here are some tips to make the most of your visit:

  • Buy tickets online in advance to avoid the long lines.
  • Next, take advantage of the lockers available to store your belongings; you’ll want to be able to move around freely to explore all the nooks and crannies of the museum.
  • Be prepared to spend at least a couple of hours here; there’s a lot to see, and you’ll want to take your time to enjoy it all.
  • Finally, don’t forget to stop by the gift shop before you leave! They have some unique Lego souvenirs that you won’t find anywhere else.

Following these tips, you’re sure to have a great time at Lego Museum in Prague.


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