Prague Public Transport: Ultimate Guide for Tourists (2024)

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Prague is a beautiful city located on both sides of the Vltava River in a hilly area. Because of this landscape, walking around Prague is problematic, so tourists prefer to travel by trams and buses, or metro.

Here is the only ultimate guide you need to check to get all necessary information about Prague public transport, including ticket prices, public transportation map and other details on getting around the capital of Czech Republic.

Public transport in Prague

Where and How to Buy Prague Public Transport Tickets

There are several ways on how public transport Prague tickets can be bought.

You can purchase tickets using special tickets machines, they are in yellow and orange colors. Check for vending machines at tram stops, metro exits. You can also buy tickets at the tourist information centers.

Some trams and buses are equipped with vending machines that sell tickets at place.

There is also an option to buy public transport tickets using your mobile device. You’ll recieve text message with confirmation of ticket purchase. Local Czech SIM card is required in order to buy tickets by using this method.

Ticket must be punched immediately at the entrance to the public transport or at the escalator in the Prague metro. There are no conductors, but controllers can appear at any time. The fine for ticketless travel ranges from 800 to 1600 kroons.

If you need ticket for trains you can buy it in advance or you can buy it on the day of the trip at the station.

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Getting the advantages with Prague Visitor Pass

If you come to Prague for more than a week and plan to explore not only the city itself, but also the surrounding area, then it will be beneficial to buy one of Prague travel passes.

Prague visitor pass will be the best option for you. It includes FREE Prague airport express, Tourist Tram, it also works for ferries.

Besides that, it also includes many places of interest you can visit for free or with great discount (like Prague Castle or Prague Zoo). It is valid for 48, 72 and 120 hours.

The scheme of public transport in Prague

Public Transport Tickets Options Table

Public transport tickets in Prague allow you to make any number of transfers on any type of transport (tram and buses, metro) during certain period of time.

Public Transport Tickets Options Prices
30 minutes Adults/ Students – 30 CZK, Seniors (60-64) – 15 CZK, Senior 65 + – Free
90 minutes Adults/ Students – 40 CZK, Seniors (60-64) – 20 CZK, Senior 65 + – Free
24 – hour Adults/ Students – 120 CZK, Seniors (60-64) – 60 CZK, Senior 65 + – Free
72 – hour Adults/ Students – 330 CZK, Seniors (60-64) – 330 CZK, Senior 65 + – Free
1 month Adults/ Students – 550 CZK, Seniors (60-64) – 550 CZK, Senior 65 + – Free
3 month1480 CZK for all means of transport provided by Prague Public Transport Company
5 month2450 CZK
Annual Pass3650 CZK
Funicular60 CZK (one-way)
Prague Visitor Pass48 hours – 97 USD
72 hours – 130 USD
120 hours – 170 USD

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As soon as the ticket expires, you must leave the metro or exit public transport. Children under 6 years and senior 65 + can use transport for free.

How public transport moves at night:

The scheme of public transport in Prague at night

Prague public transport options

Public transport system in Prague consists from buses, metro, trams, trains and taxi.


Prague metro is used by about 40% of people living and traveling to Czech Republic main city, as it’s easy to use, clean and you can get by metro to any places around Prague.

At the moment there are three lines (green line A, yellow line B, red line C), with 61 metro stations. Metro operates from 4.45 am till midnight. You don’t have to wait too long for a train, they arrive every 3 minutes during peak times and it can take up to 10 minutes to wait at metro during the rest of the day.


Tram system is perfectly organized around Prague and recommended as a local transport for tourists, visiting top attractions in the historical part of the city. If for example, you would like to visit Prague Castle – take trams 22 or 23.

Take 9 tram that goes through Wenceslas square and move further to Lesser town. Trams run more often in the city center.

Prague public transport (trams and buses) operates not only during daytime, but also during night hours. You can visit main Prague tourist places without worrying about how to return to your hotel. Additional tickets for night tram trips are not needed.

During the high season (April-October), when many visitors arrive to Prague city, you can buy tickets for historical tram, which passes through top attractions around Prague Old Town. Ticket for historical tram costs 50 CZK.


Trains are also a part of Prague public transport network. It’s super easy to use them and, for example, Prague popular and super busy train station is located in walking distance from famous Wenceslas square.

Trains can be very convenient if you decided to stay not in the city center.


Bus is another very popular and cheap public transport in Prague. Buses cover the areas where there is no metro or trams. They are mostly used by people coming to Prague from nearby towns and Prague outskirts. Bus stops are usually located near Prague metro, trams stations.

Buses running from 04.30 till 24.00 with different intervals. During peak times up to 8 minutes, up to 20 minutes during peak-off and up to 30 on weekends.

There are night trams and buses, that operate from 24.00 till 04.30.

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One of Prague public transport which is a must for tourists is Petrin funicular, which has been operating since 1891. Funicular route length is 510 meters. If you would like to enjoy Prague views, Petrin hill is one of the greatest place to do this.

Funicular railway is located in the city center, from tram stop Ujezd. Petrin funicular ticket price is 60 CZK (one-way). Funicular is a part of Prague public transport network and if you have 72, 24, monthly or annual pass, it will work for Petrin funicular as well.

You can buy funicular ticket not only before going up to the Petrin hill, but also at the top and go down the hill on funicular (by the way, elevation is about 130 meters).

Being very popular among city visitors, you might need to wait in queue to use this public transport.

You can also visit this place as a part of guided tour, click here to check all the details.

Use Public Transportation to Get from Prague Airport

To get from Prague airport to the city center you’ll need firstly to take a bus, then switch to metro. Buy tickets in advance, just find an orange ticket machine at the airport exits, nearby bus stops.

There are two bus lines you can choose from: 119 from where you can get to Nadrazi Veleslavin metro station, 100 that goes to Zlicin Prague metro station.

If it doesn’t work for you, make choice in favor of airport express with the final stop at Prague main train station. Tickets for express are more expensive (60 CZK for adults, 30 CZK for child).

If you’re thinking about taking a taxi upon arrival to Prague airport, it’s not the best idea. Final fare can be more expensive compared to pickup services arranged in advance.

Information at public transport stops

To choose the route you need, pay attention to the information signs that are at each stop. They indicate the numbers of trams or buses that stop here.

A little lower (or inside the stop itself) there is a traffic map and more detailed descriptions of routes. Detailed information is provided in Czech and English.

Tram stop in Prague

In many trams and buses, there is a board highlighting the stops.

If you choose the metro as means of public transport in Prague, then follow the signs inside the stations. They are available in Czech and English. Each metro station is marked with a capital letter “M” – it’s hard not to notice it.


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