Popular Seaside Resorts in Jordan: Plan Beach Holidays 2024

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Jordan is unique and very interesting country to explore. You can find most ancient historical sites and shrines that worth visiting or spend great time on one of the beautiful beaches on Read or Dead seas.

You can find different acommodation options in Jordan in accordance with your budget and desires. Check our guide on the most popular seaside resorts in Jordan; we’ve collected the most popular places in Amman, Aqaba and other cities based on their ratings.

Best Beach Resorts in Jordan

Beaches on the Red Sea

Aqaba coast

You should not look for numerous resorts on the map of Jordan on the Red Sea: in the country, in fact, there is only one place where you can relax on the beach coast. And this is Aqaba. Here travelers expect excellent service, well-maintained sea beaches and, of course, wonderful nature.

Aqaba is a relatively young resort in Jordan, located in the north of the Gulf of Aqaba. Distance from the capital, Amman, is 335 km. The weather here is conducive to relaxation: due to the close location of the mountains in Aqaba, a peculiar microclimate has been established, making it one of the most popular resorts in all of Jordan. In winter, the water temperature is about + 22 ° C. In summer, intense heat occurs only after noon. However, those travelers who are very sensitive to hot weather are advised to come to Aqaba during the cooler seasons, such as autumn, winter or spring months. In summer the resort can get too hot.

Aqaba beach resort in Jordan

Not far from the coast in the waters of the bay are coral reefs. Here you can dive and admire the colorful marine life. There are about 30 dive sites in Aqaba. The most popular attraction is the sunken ship called Cedar Pride. It is located at a depth of 25 meters. The dive is more suitable for advanced divers, as there are strong currents around the ship.

Sunken ship in Aqaba, Jordan diving

The Gulf of Aqaba is famous for its variety of corals – there are about 300 species of them. These thickets provide shelter for about 1000 species of tropical fish. The water in the bay is very clear: sometimes visibility reaches as much as 40 meters.

Tala Bay village

Tala Bay resort is located 14 km from Aqaba itself. It was designed quite recently – only about 10 years ago. Therefore, the buildings here are almost all new. According to tourists, Tala Bay is a more well-groomed and quiet place than Aqaba. Some believe that this particular village is the best resort in Jordan, and they prefer to go for a beach holiday in Jordan in Tala Bay. Another plus of the resort is that from here you can easily get to the Dead Sea.

Beach holidays in Jordan - Tala Bay

Holidays at the Dead Sea

Many travel to Jordan to visit the healing Dead Sea. In fact, it is a very spacious salt lake. It is both a resort and a place of recovery. They go to the Dead Sea to cure a variety of diseases – from all kinds of dermatitis to disorders of the nervous system. The water in this legendary sea has a number of healing properties. There are 10 beaches on the coastline of the Dead Sea.

Beaches on the Dead Sea in Jordan

Urban tourist destinations


Amman is the capital of Jordan and the oldest city. The first mention of it dates back to the 13th century BC. Then it was called “Rabbat-Ammon”, and served as the capital of the great Ammon kingdom. On its territory, the most ancient historical monuments belonging to different cultures are still preserved. In ancient times, Amman was considered one of the most developed cities. Also now it houses a large number of monuments of Christianity and Islam.

There are many modern attractions in Amman. But if we talk about what resorts are on the Red Sea, then Amman is not one of them. This is an ancient city that definitely has something to visit; however, it is remote from the sea coast.

If you go to Amman to visit historical sites, it is better to plan a trip in spring or autumn. At this time of the year, the temperature does not rise above +25 ° C, and you can walk around the city as much as you like. In summer, the air temperature can rise to as much as +40 ° C.

Holidays in the Jordanian capital Amman


This rock city also does not belong to the seaside resorts of Jordan, but it is able to captivate anyone with its beauty. On the territory of Petra there are more than 800 historical objects carved directly into the rocks. Many of them are over 2,000 years old. Once Petra served as the Nabataean kingdom. Now it is considered the main attraction of Jordan.

The ancient city of Petra in Jordan


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