Visitor’s Guide to the Dead Sea in Jordan (2024)

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The Dead Sea, which washes Israel in the east, and Jordan in the west, attracts tourists from all over the world with its landscapes, the opportunity to improve health and just had a great time.

The high salt content means that there is practically no life there, but if you have special equipment, you can see algae.

The water in the Dead Sea is 10 times saltier than in the ocean. For many people, the Dead Sea is associated with Israel, which is why most tourists flock there. This is what makes a holiday in Jordan on the Dead Sea the most attractive, it is not yet so popular, so you can expect some privacy.

Check this travel guide to Dead sea in Jordan and get more details on how to plan your visit: how much is day pass in different hotels, best time to go, public beaches and other useful tips for tourists.

Best Time to Visit Dead Sea in Jordan

The amount of precipitation that falls out here during the year is negligible. Therefore, the sky is almost always clear, and the weather is sunny.

Mentioned above create ideal conditions for sunbathing and swimming in the mineral waters of the Dead Sea. The lake itself (yes, the Dead Sea, actually is a lake) is at an altitude of 430 meters below sea level and is the lowest point on Earth.

The best seasons to visit Dead Sea in Jordan to enjoy swimming and relaxing are autumn (October and November) and spring (March – May). In summer, it is very hot there, temperature is usually above 40 degrees Celsius, but bearable, especially if you plan to spend time near the pool in the hotel.

Period from December – February is marked as low season if you’re going to visit Jordan Dead Sea. The temperature can be just 4 degrees Celsius, which makes swimming in Dead Sea not so pleasant. In addition, its a period of heavy rains. But on the other hand, it’s a best time to visit Dead Sea if you’re on budget.

The best way to get to the Dead Sea in Jordan is from Amman. The trip will take about an hour, you can use public transport or use join one of the daily guided tours. As a part of such tours you can visit one of the ancient temples in Jordan.

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Dead Sea Coast in Jordan

Where to stay at the Dead Sea in Jordan

It is impossible to call hotel accommodation on the coast of the Dead Sea in Jordan budgetary, since most hotels have 5 stars. There are other, budget options, but they are far from the lake itself.

Five Star Hotels

As for 5-star hotels on the shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan, you cna consider one of the following for your next visit. Most of the hotels operate on an all-inclusive basis.

Dead Sea Hotels in Jordan
Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa
  • Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa. Known among vacationers who love to return to this luxury hotel, for its vast surrounding area. The entrance to the Dead Sea is gentle and comfortable. The hotel hosts various entertainment programs, animation. There is an Italian restaurant.
  • Crowne Plaza Jordan Dead Sea Resort & Spa. This five-star hotel is considered one of the best on the Dead Sea in Jordan. It is notable for its luxurious territory, private beach. Spa services are offered to vacationers. The hotel has its own gym and swimming pools.
  • Dead Sea Marriott Resort & Spa. All rooms have A/C. Security in the hotel is organized at the highest level: the entrance to the hotel is through a metal detector. On the territory of the hotel, there are bars and swimming pools. Hotels rooms are with sea side views.
  • Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea. In its surroundings, the hotel is somewhat reminiscent of a Mediterranean village. It is located 8 km away from the Jordan River.

Room prices in luxury hotels start from 120 USD per day.

Dead Sea Hotels in Jordan
Restaurant at Movenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea

Jordan Dead Sea Beaches

Buy Day Pass

There are several options to enjoy swimming in Jordan Dead Sea: you can stay in one of the hotels and enjoy your luxury vacation. If Dead Sea is one of many spots you’re going to visit during a day, you can pay for day pass in one of the hotels located on the coast of Dead Sea. The price for day pass may vary from 30JD to 50JD, for this price you can enjoy all the facilites the resort has: pool, showers and etc.

Public Beach

Another option is to visit public beach – Amman Beach (map link) with some basic infrastructure provided, you have to pay entrance fee 25JD/person. Many travelers consider this price very high, keeping in mind that you can’t swim in salt water for more than 10 minutes.

Main advantage of Amman beach is safe entrance into the water, showers and toilets. Please note, that this beach is very popular among locals, so it’s better to plan your visit on weekdays. Remember about the rules of conduct for tourists in Jordan to avoid any problems.

Wild Beaches

You can also visit Dead Sea for free, but note that its quite difficult to enter the water on the wild beach, there are a lot of hard rock formations there, so make sure to wear appropiate shoes. In addition to that, take enough fresh water with you to take a shower after swimming in Dead Sea salt waters. Quick tip, try to follow the locals, as they know the best and safest spots to swim.

Useful tips for tourists visiting Dead Sea in Jordan

Put additional food and drink costs into your budget. At the entrance to almost every hotel, you will be carefully checked, so food and drinks that you will try to bring with you may be confiscated.

If you want to enjoy spa treatments, then take care of it in advance. Spa and wellness services are what many go to the Dead Sea in Jordan for, so it’s best to book a package of services in advance.

Be sure to bring a dark-colored swimsuit with you. You will certainly want to smear yourself with the healing mud of the Dead Sea, the stains of mud remaining on a light-colored swimsuit are unlikely to cheer you up.

Beaches on the Dead Sea in Jordan
Amman Tourist Beach

The water of the Dead Sea is so salty that in no case do not dive, and also do not shave or do depilation a few days before swimming, otherwise you are guaranteed to get a strong skin damage.

Be sure to visit this place. Scientists say that in 50 years the Dead Sea will simply disappear. Have time to personally enjoy its beauties and feel the power of the healing properties of water.

Water in the Dead Sea in Jordan

Things to do in Dead Sea Region in Jordan


It sounds evident, but it is not comparable to what we mean by the word “swim”. You seem to be in weightlessness. Don’t forget to grab a book or newspaper and take themed photos.

The water just pushes you to the surface. Although it is impossible to drown in the Dead Sea even for those who cannot swim, every year you can hear sad news about people who tried to overcome the forces that push people like a float to the surface.

Get smeared with healing mud

Dead Sea mud is rich in various minerals and beneficial substances, it is considered the best and most beneficial in the world.

Along the sea coast you can find people selling small containers of mud. Here you will be offered to help spread the mud or get another portion of fresh mud for a moderate price.

Visit Mount Nebo

You can find the description of this place in Bible, it is notable for the fact that the prophet Moses died here. Whether you are religious or not, this place is a must visit.

Mount Nebo in Jordan

Visit Wadi Mujib

You can go there on your own, but it is recommended to go on a tour because depending on the season the water can be rough and dangerous.

And if you want to enjoy a classic beach holiday in Jordan and not think about wellness procedures, then go to its Red Sea coast.

Jordan Dead Sea Video

Dead Sea in Jordan FAQ

Is the Dead Sea worth visiting Jordan?

This lake is one of the main attractions in Jordan. There are plenty of things to do, not only ejnoying the feeling of weightlessness in super salty water.

Can you swim in the Dead Sea in Jordan?

Yes, but this experience will differ a lot. Actually, you’re not swimming like you get used to, but rather floating.

Why is Jordan sea called the Dead Sea?

Dead Sea in Jordan is actually not a sea at all, but super salty lake. Because of the amount of salt contains in the water, there is no life in it, (except of some microorganisms and algae), that’s where this place gets its name – Dead Sea.

Can you wear jewelry in the Dead Sea?

Its better to avoid wearing any types of jewelry while swimming in Dead Sea, otherwise they can loose their luster.

Do I need water shoes for the Dead Sea?

As entrance to the water presents sharp and hard salt and rock formations, it can be painful to enter Dead Sea, so yes, its better to have water shoes with you.

Is Petra near the Dead Sea?

Petra is 195 km from Dead Sea (Crowne Plaza Hotel)


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