7 Best Jordan Beaches on Red Sea and Dead Sea: Travel Guide 2024

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Jordan is not only about cultural monuments, desert adventures, religious shrines and historic sites. Beaches in Jordan also attract many tourists from all over the world.

The shores of Red Sea are both pebbly and sandy. Beaches in Jordan located around Dead sea with its salty water, also attract many visitors.

There are plenty of opportunities to improve health in Dead sea area. When you’re done with exploration of Red Sea beaches make sure to visit salt lake for absolutely unique experience. Here is the full list of best Jordan beaches worth visiting in 2024.

Aqaba beaches

1. Berenice beach

One of the best Jordan beaches is Berenice. It is a private beach resort located on the Red Sea coast. There is also a beach club of the same name with a well-developed infrastructure.

Berenice beach club has everything you need for excellent time spending; volleyball courts, restaurants, bars, shops, swimming pools and showers.

If you’re looking for vivid impressions, in Berenice beach club there are different water sports to try, like inner tubing or jet skiing.

Berenice is considered one of the most popular sandy Jordanian beach.

Entrance to Berenice beach is paid – 15 dinars. The length of the beach is about 500 meters. The entrance to the sea is gentle, in order to avoid various injuries, it is recommended to enter the water in special shoes, as its a coral beach and sea urchins are often found.

The advantage of Berenice beach is the absence of big waves and as a result, crystal clear waters. Feel free to take a diving mask with you or join scuba diving tour to explore marine life.

Scuba diving in this area will not dissapoint you, as Berenice beach club is a part of Marine park with abundance of tropical marine life.

This beach is mainly chosen by tourists for recreation, you are unlikely to meet local residents here.

From Berenice beach, scuba divers go to the Black Rock dive locations and to the crash site of the Cedar Pride ship.

  • On the map: link.
  • Entrance fee: 15JD/person

The best beaches in Jordan - Berenice

2. South beach

The list of the must-visit beaches in Jordan also includes South Beach, located in Aqaba. It is sandy and pebble, located in a picturesque area. South beach, also known as Aqaba beach, is long and spacious. Enjoy peaceful time, hiding from scorching sun under umbrella or palm trees.

The entrance to the sea on the South Beach is gentle; however, stones can occasionally be encountered, as well as sea urchins.

With many amenities, South beach is one of the top beaches in Jordan among locals and tourists alike, couples and families with small children, as well as young tourists. Even though it is located close to the harbor you can swim in shallow, clear waters that make South and Coral beaches in Jordan very famous for reef formations.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience in scuba diving, there is diving school at the beach, for divers having different types of experience, including first timers.

While on vacation, please don’t forget about rules of conduct for tourists.

  • On the map: link.
  • Entrance fee: free of charge.

Best Beaches in Jordan - Aqaba South Beach

3. Al-Ghandour

Being the free public beach in Aqaba, Al-Ghandour is deserves attention. It is located approximately 10 minutes from the city center.

Al-Ghandour beach is very popular place, but this beach is more suitable for admiring the sea views and a cup of hot tea, sitting on terrace in the restaurant.

  • On the map: link.
  • Entrance fee: free of charge.

4. Coral Beach

If you’re looking for calm and serene beach, Coral beach is the greatest option. It is located in Coral Bay in Aqaba, where very famous and popular resort with the same name is located.

It has the same infrastructure as other Jordanian beaches, but the main advantage of Coral beach is that there are no crowds of tourists and you can fully enjoy your time.

Scuba divers are Coral beach frequent guests, as there many beautiful coral reefs along the shore where you can explore unspoiled marine life.

  • On the map: link.
  • Entrance fee:
Al Gandour beach in Jordan

5. Resort village Tala Bay

It is considered one of the quietest and most well-groomed beaches in Jordan. The sea is calm here, so the place is well suited for families with children.

Tala Bay Beach is famous for its clear waters, where you can see colorful fish in the depths of the sea – so its best beach for snorkeling, admiring the coral reefs and their unusual inhabitants.

However, this beach doesn’t have proper infrastructure. Visitors must carefully choose the place where to put belongings.

  • On the map: link.
  • Entrance fee: 20JD/person.

Dead Sea beaches

It should be noted that Dead Sea Jordan beaches are not for “traditional” beach holiday destination. Dead sea is Jordan famous wellness resort, which is below sea level.

The concentration of trace elements and the salinity of the waters of this therapeutic reservoir is very high. It is advisable to stay in the salty water for max 20 minutes.

Also, Dead sea is not the best place to dive; you can’t even splash, as salt water will irritate the mucous membrane of the eye very much. The entrance to the Dead Sea is rocky in most places.

However, all these features are more than compensated by the healing properties that local nature has. This area is rightly considered one of the best balneological resorts not only in the Middle East, but on the planet.

The best beaches in Jordan - Tala Bay

Many beaches here belong to hotels. So, you have either to stay in one of them or pay for a day pass in one of the beach resorts.

The prices for daily pass vary from 30JD to 50JD. Some people prefer to visit secluded hotspots to make their Dead Sea visiting free of charge. If that sounds great for you, make sure to prepare well for such adventure and try to follow the locals.

6. Amman Beach

Amman Beach is one of the public beaches on the Dead Sea. Although the beach is public, the entrance to it is paid – 20 dinars. There you can find all you need for pretty comfort beach vacation: toilet, shower and even a swimming pools. It is a lively destination as it is located in the capital city.

Amman beach is covered with sand that becomes very hot during the day, so make sure to take a pair of comfortable shoes with you. You can buy Jordan famous mud on the beach.

  • On the map: link.
  • Amman beach entrance fee: 20JD/person.

7. Wadi Mujib

Actually its not a beach, but you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit this place once in Jordan. Wadi Mujib is a river, which waters fall into the Dead Sea. If you’re planning to spend a day near the refreshing water and beautiful sights, this place is a must-visit.

Wadi Mujib is not for leisure beach vacation, but for those who constantly looking for any adventures and usually an essential part of any wildlife tours.

  • On the map: link.
  • Wadi Mujib entrance fee: depends on the trail you choose, starts from 21JD/person for foreigners.

Jordan Hotels with private beach

Many hotels in Jordan have their own beautiful beaches. These are such hotel complexes as:

And many others. Four- and five-star hotels have an all-inclusive system.

Beaches on the Dead Sea in Jordan


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