Souvenirs and gifts from Jordan

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Every tourist wants to take home presents; and it is quite justified. What can you bring with you from Jordan? This sunny land is rich in many interesting things: you can bring oriental sweets, carpets, and jewelry as a gift from Jordan. And all this at a relatively low cost.

Jewelry and bags: inexpensive and stylish

When it comes to taking something from Jordan as a gift for a woman, there is no better option than jewelry. These are all kinds of bracelets, beads, earrings, pendants … Products made of silver and gold are inexpensive in Jordan; and yet they are of excellent quality. However, it is worth remembering that classic oriental-style jewelry is not suitable for every lady. After all, as a rule, they are quite massive in size.

Those who go on vacation to Jordan are advised to pay attention to jewelry made of special blackened Berber silver. In appearance, it is quite unusual, and jewelry from it has a special flavor.

Berber silver from Jordan as a gift
Berber Silver pendant with national ornament

By the way, another option for a souvenir that you can bring from Jordan is leather goods. Girls will like quality bags; men – wallets, purses.

Cosmetics from Jordan: Dead Sea Minerals

Cosmetics, made on the basis of mud and salts from the Dead Sea in Jordan , are famous all over the world. It has rejuvenating and healing qualities. Cosmetics are inexpensive, but they are very high quality. You can buy both well-known brands and those that you hear about for the first time. In Jordan, they always monitor the quality of products, so you don’t have to worry about it. It is best to buy it in pharmacies – there, moreover, they can advise a quality product.

Cosmetics with minerals from Jordan

Oriental carpets

Among the guests of Jordan, the most wonderful woven carpets from Madaba are also famous. They can also be purchased during a visit to this “city of mosaics”; and in any other large Jordanian city – for example, in the same Amman.

Souvenirs from Aqaba: sweets and coffee

It is best to go for delicious hotels in Aqaba. Prices here are much more affordable, since Aqaba is a free economic zone. Here you can buy:

  • Dates . The Jordan date is famous for its large size and sweetness.
  • Sweets . Pakhvala, cookies, oriental goodies made from honey – all this is brought from Aqaba. In many shops, you can order a special package with an inscription – a wish for good, the first sura of the Koran, or, for example, a birthday greeting.
  • Coffee . In Jordan, you can buy real Yemeni Robusta or Arabica coffee from Ethiopia.
Coffee as a gift from Jordan

Souvenirs from Petra

Let’s talk about what souvenirs to bring from the ancient city of Petra – one of the main attractions of the country. Firstly, these are decorative bottles filled to the brim with colored sand. In Petra, it is souvenirs made using real natural colored sand (not colored sand) that are sold. The price of this souvenir, which tourists often bring with them, is from 1 to 12 dinars (depending on the size of the bottle).

Souvenirs from Jordan what to bring

You can also buy jewelry in Petra. Their price ranges from 1 to 5 dinars. It is better to buy souvenirs not at the entrance, but in the reserve itself: otherwise you can overpay several times.

Where are the highest prices: Jerash

Prices for souvenirs in Jerash are quite high. So, if you plan to spend as little as possible, the maximum here you can buy a commemorative magnet or a small vase.

What can not be exported from Jordan

Remember, you cannot export from Jordan:

  • corals,
  • ivories,
  • any stuffed animal
  • samples of flora and fauna.

Attempts to take these items out are punishable by law.


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