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The Kingdom of Jordan is not yet a mainstream, but already very interesting tourist destination for our vacationers. Those who want everything at once come here: in Jordan there are healing springs, desert landscapes, sea coasts and an indescribable oriental flavor.

  • Where the country is located: between Israel, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.
  • Population: 10.5 million people.
  • Language: Arabic.
  • Currency of Jordan : Jordanian dinar (1 dinar ≈ 104 rubles).
  • The best season to visit: autumn and spring (temperatures are too high in summer and it often rains in winter).
  • Do I need a visa: issued upon arrival.
  • On the map : link .
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Features of the landscape and climate of Jordan

The kingdom is located in the middle of the desert. 70 percent of the country’s territory is occupied by sandy and rocky landscapes. There is almost no precipitation here, and in summer the heat reigns over forty degrees. Only the most desperate tourists go to the center of the country: visit jeep safaris and extreme desert tours.

Tourist places in Jordan

But if you drive to the west of the kingdom, you can see a completely different picture. From this side, Jordan is washed by two seas at once – the Dead and the Red (Amman Bay). Local residents grow fruits and crops, the entire coast is shrouded in oak forests and groves. The climate in these regions is mild, the air temperature ranges from 20 to 35 degrees.

Mountain lovers will like the eastern part of the country. The massifs stretched for hundreds of kilometers. The highest peaks reach 1000 meters above sea level.

Holidays in Jordan

The mentality of the locals

Vacationers need to remember that Jordan is a Muslim country. It is dominated by patriarchal foundations, and women are severely limited in their rights. If you leave the tourist area, you must adhere to several rules :

  • Do not wear revealing clothing. Women need to cover their shoulders, knees and décolleté.
  • Public displays of love are not welcome here. Even if you are traveling as a family, you should not kiss your husband or wife in public places outside the tourist area.
  • Women and young girls are not advised to walk alone in city blocks. Especially in the evening.
  • Drinking alcohol on the street is strictly prohibited.

Otherwise, the locals are considered among the most friendly in Muslim countries. They will always tell you the way, advise a good restaurant, give you a few life hacks on how to shop at local bazaars and what is traditional to bring as a souvenir from Jordan .

Until recently, hostilities and revolutions took place on the territory of the kingdom, but now the situation in the country has calmed down. Tourists who come to Jordan on vacation are not in danger.

How to behave as tourists in Jordan

Why go to Jordan: sights and interesting places

One of the most popular tourist locations in Jordan is the Red Sea coast . It has everything for a top-level vacation: five-star hotels, soft clean sand, restaurants with international cuisine, horse and camel rides, paragliding and parachuting, romantic balloon rides, off-road trips across the sands. The main attractions for tourists are diving and snorkeling. Scuba diving or snorkeling offers every tour operator.

Tourists are no less fascinated by excursions to historical places and ancient sights of Jordanlocated throughout the country:

  • In the capital of the country, Amman, tourists are waiting for the Roman theater, the Ragadan Palace, the citadel and many museums.
  • The city of Aqaba is famous for its Mamluk fort, centuries-old Christian temple and Saladin’s fortress.
  • The city of Petra is considered a huge open-air museum. It is under the protection of UNESCO and is included in the list of the New Seven Wonders of the World. All history lovers should go here to see the ancient tomb of local rulers, the El Deir Monastery, the Siq Canyon, the El Khazne Temple and much more.
  • In Jarash, in the north of the country, ancient Roman ruins have been preserved, thanks to which the city received the name “Eastern Pompeii”.
  • The moon valley of Wadi Rum is a unique natural place. Here you will see the Khazadi canyon, the Seven Pillars of Wisdom mountain and the Burda Rock bridge.
  • There are many ancient castles in Jordan. The most famous of them are Ajlun, El-Karak, Aqaba.
  • Many tourists go to the sacred Jordan River to swim in its waters, consecrate talismans and just visit this place of power.

Those who want to not only get a tan and swim for a vacation, but also improve their health in Jordan go to the Dead Sea. A large number of sanatoriums and spa hotels have been collected on the coast. All of them offer certified medical, cosmetic and preventive services.

Skin diseases, problems with the cardiovascular system and nerves, diseases of the musculoskeletal system are treated at the Dead Sea .

Holidays at Dead Sea in Jordan

Infrastructure and other services

Large Jordanian cities have public transport, which is no different from ours. There are trams, buses and trains. But tourists are more likely to take taxis because of the inexpensive fares. One kilometer will cost you 70-80 cents.

Telephone communications and the Internet in Jordan operate according to European standards. Each hotel has Wi-Fi, and there are telephone booths around the city from which you can call anywhere in the world. Sockets in Jordan are standard, adapters are not required.

Don’t forget to leave a tip where you liked the service. This practice is widespread in Jordan.

Holidays in Jordan


Jordan is a great alternative for those who are bored with Egypt and Turkey. In this kingdom, megacities are intertwined with thousand-year-old ruins, ancient traditions – with modern service, seaside holidays – with desert landscapes. Everyone who loves a comfortable stay and is looking for new experiences should visit this place at least once.


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