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Malaysia is a country of extraordinary beauty located in Southeast Asia. Its emerald coasts, snow-white beaches, endless ocean and slender palm trees invariably attract travelers from all over the world. Cloudy skyscrapers are located next to the colonial buildings of the Victorian era; and picturesque sea coasts are successfully combined with a developed tourist infrastructure.

Beaches in Malaysia

Geographical position

Malaysia consists of two parts. These are peninsular territories, as well as the eastern part, consisting of the northern regions of the island of Kalimantan (Borneo) . These lands are separated by the waters of the South China Sea.

Capital, population, country language

The capital of the country is Kuala Lumpur, where advanced technologies and oriental traditions are intertwined. The largest airport is also located here.

Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur

Indigenous Malays are known throughout the world for their politeness and friendliness. But local in the country – no more than 50% of the population. It is believed that Malaysia is the quintessence of Asian life and culture. In addition to the indigenous people, representatives of many other nationalities live here – the Chinese, the Indians. All of them bring their own traditions to the culture of the region.

For this reason, travelers often worry about what language is spoken in Malaysia. One of the main advantages of the country is that almost everyone here speaks English. Indeed, until the middle of the last century, Malaysia was a colony of England. The official language of the country is Malay, but English is, in fact, the second language used by almost all residents.

Inhabitants of Malaysia


The country is under the influence of a tropical climate. Almost always in Malaysia reigns hot and humid weather.

Type of government, economy

Malaysia is a civilized developing country. The type of government here is a federal constitutional monarchy. The states are led by chief ministers and sultans. Now the supreme ruler of the country is King Abdullah.

Agriculture, tourism, and electronics production are well developed here.


Malaysia has the principle of freedom of religion. The role of the main state religion is played by Islam (it is practiced by about 62% of the population). Other common religions are Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Confucianism and others.

Religion in Malaysia

Major resorts and cities

The largest settlements are Kuala Lumpur , Langkawi , Kota Kinabalu , Georgetown . There are also many beach resorts here. They are located both on the Malay Peninsula and on many islands – Borneo, Penang and others.

Resorts of Malaysia

Culture features

One of the interesting facts about Malaysia is that although it is actually a Muslim country, a wide variety of religious dates are celebrated here. They include the holidays of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism. Ramadan is also celebrated here, and both New Years – European and Chinese; and the Buddhist celebration of Vesak. The traditional Chinese festivals of Flatbread and Lanterns are not deprived of attention either. None of the holidays is complete without performances, dances, competitions, bright fireworks and other fun.

Current currency

What kind of money circulates in Malaysia? The official unit of account is the ringitt (1 ringitt consists of 100 sen). In expensive hotels and shops you can pay by credit card. But in most cases cash is required.

Malaysian currency Ringitt

Visa Information

Currently, a visa for a tourist visit to the country is not required if the duration of the visit does not exceed 1 month. Residents of countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and many others do not need a visa to rest in Malaysia.


There are no direct flights from Russia to Malaysia. The flight is carried out with a transfer in Singapore and takes an average of 13.5 hours (excluding waiting at the airport).

The time difference with Moscow is + 5 hours; with Samara — + 4 hours; with Yakutsk – minus 1 hour.


Malaysian cuisine is very rich. Here you can find many Indian, Chinese, Thai and other cafes and restaurants. Of course, all this is in addition to the main cuisine – Malay. The most common product is rice. The cuisine is rich in seafood dishes; noodles, fish, vegetables and fruits are also popular in it.

Traditional dishes in Malaysia

There are dishes whose recipes cannot be called anything other than international – they are prepared on the basis of the trends of different countries. Many compare the cuisine of Malaysia with the dishes of countries such as Singapore or the Philippines.

As for food prices, the average check in a cafe for tourists is about 70-90 ringitt.


Note to those who go to Malaysia for shopping: as a rule, shops here start their work at half past nine in the morning and close at 19:00. Grocery supermarkets, as a rule, are open until 22:00. In order not to spend extra money, it is useful to start by comparing prices. In large stores, the cost of goods is usually fixed. However, in the markets of Malaysia and in small shops it is quite possible to bargain.

From sunny Malaysia, as a souvenir to relatives and friends, you can bring all kinds of handicrafts, silver crafts, wooden figurines, clothes, fabrics.

Rules of conduct and important points

  • Car traffic in the country is left-handed.
  • Tap water is believed to be safe to drink. But still it is recommended to use bottled or boiled.
  • You can’t eat food with your left hand. In no case should she transfer any object to a local resident – the left limb is regarded as “unclean”.
  • Refusal to drink will be a sign of impoliteness of the guest.
  • In the country, no one can be stroked on the head – this is contrary to etiquette.

Security questions

Travelers can feel safe in Malaysia. On the streets of its cities, you can safely walk at almost any time of the day. As for the criminal elements, they are mainly represented by pickpockets who came here from the poor areas of India or Bangladesh. These live in crowded markets.

Travel safety in Malaysia

However, women should not dress too immodestly or provocatively. Especially if the travelers leave the tourist area. You can dress in Malaysia in a European way. However, in remote villages or in areas where there are Muslim mosques, it is better to prefer a more modest appearance.

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