Blue Bay Scuba Diving, Mauritius Island: Best Spots to Check (2024)

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Blue Bay is the area that was discovered by tourists not so long ago. Located in the south east of the island, the once small village has become a popular tourist spot in Mauritius island. It’s highly recommended to spend several days at Blue Bay public beach and, of course, visit Blue bay marine park. Local governments apply a lot of efforts to preserve corals in the nearby waters.

And now, all those who are interested, can enjoy snorkeling in the Blue Bay area, where you can see corals of different colors and a variety of tropical fish species. If you would like to further explore the underwater world in this area, you need to try out diving in Blue Bay.

Check this ultimate travel guide about scuba diving in Blue Bay; get more details about best spots in the area, what to expect, dive tours, prices and other information for first timers.

The area is not limited to the boundaries of the water park and includes some locations in Mahebourg that’s worth visiting.

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Blue Bay Diving Spot 

Lagoon, where the marine park is located and nearby territories, is the ideal place to start your Blue Bay diving trip. Water there is really calm and the depth allows first-time divers to feel comfortable. It’s also one of the locations where the opportunity to meet sea turtles is really high. If you’re traveling to Mauritius island with kids they can also make their first dive in the Blue Bay area which is absolutely safe. 

Scuba diving in Blue Bay

Roche Zozo

This dive site in Mauritius is recommended for more experienced divers due to strong currents that can be frightening and overwhelming for newbies. Blue Bay diving in this area (out of the lagoon) is more adventurous rather than devoted to exploration.

If before you’ve had a chance to dive in the north, enjoyed diving in Grand Baie or Trou aux Biche, here you’ll have an absolutely new experience. Rather strong currents will carry you along the canyons and tunnels, deep caves and rocks covered by the bright corals. 

Diving in Blue Bay, Mauritius

Lobster Cave 

As you can guess from its title, this diving spot in the Blue Bay area will let you meet a colony of lobsters that have chosen a cave as a place of living. This diving spot is not so deep, 25 meters maximum and it’s located not so far from the shore (about 1.5 km).

The visibility in this location is great, up to 20 meters. But while looking at marine creatures be aware of some occasional currents. In this area together with lobsters you can meet sharks, rays, groupers and other tropical fish. 

Scuba diving in Mauritius, Blue Bay area


Diving in Blue Bay can’t be completed without a famous Colorado spot. Dive site resembles a canyon with up to 40 meters depth. While descending to the bottom pay attention to the walls that are covered by beautiful and not bleached corals.

Check a tunnel that you’ll see on your way, with its main inhabitants – lobsters. Beautiful gorgonians deserve special attention. There, you’ll also meet a fish with an unusual shape of nose, it’s a unicorn fish. Except of typical bright tropical fish, there are some bigger samples that can be found here, like barracudas as well as tuna fish. 


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