10 Best Fishing Spots in Mauritius to Check in 2024: Sea, Kayak, Shore Fishing

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Mauritius is one of the paradise islands with a wide variety of fish species in its coastal waters. There are many great fishing spots in Mauritius you should check. The main advantage of the island is that few people know about its fishing opportunities, so no crowds and boats, only you, ocean and your trophy.

What is in general fishing in Mauritius? This is a variety of marine creatures that you can hunt, that will surprise even the most avid fisherman! It was in Mauritius, where the largest blue marlin was caught – its weight was almost 649 kilograms.

Here is the list of 10 best fishing spots in Mauritius, including best places for shore fishing and sea fishing; keep reading this guide to find more details.

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The Best Fishing Spots around Mauritius island

The whole island is one big perfect fishing spot. But there are places where fishing will be the most interesting.

Fishing in Mauritius

1. Le Morne Brabant (South Coast)

The peninsula of Le Morne Brabant is the place where incredibly successful catches happen. Marlins live in the waters of the peninsula. Many of them reach a weight of several hundred kilograms.

The main advantage of this fishing spot is the ability to get to the place of catching large fish in a matter of minutes. Most fishing locations in other countries are not easy to get to.

For excellent fishing in Mauritius, you do not have to spend a lot of time on the road. If you set aside one day for fishing, then be sure that you will spend this time at sea, and not on the way to it. Click here to reserve your seat for Blue Marlin Fishing.

Fishing in Le Morne
Photo by JPH Charters

Another advantage of Le Morne Brabant is varieties of fish that you can find there. You can catch: Dorado, Blue Marlin, Skipjack tuna, Spearfish and Bonito. The weight of individual can reach up to 40 kg.

2. Pamplemousses and Grand Baie (North Coast)

The northwestern part of the island belongs to the Pamplemousses area, named after the French word for grapefruit. Here is the incredibly beautiful Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden, as well as one of the largest fishing stations with boats and equipment for rent.

If the southern part of the island is considered the territory of marlin, then other fish species come to the north of Mauritius.

Grand Baie area is the best fishing spot in Mauritius to go hunting for wahoo fish, mahi mahi giants and barracudas. You can also watch sharks here. In Mauritius, wahoo fish bite from September to January, but mahi-mahi can be hunted all year round.

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Fishing in Mauritius island
Photo by Kurt François

In this area, during deep-sea fishing, the largest blue shark was caught – weighing about 200 kg!

Another fishing spot in the northern part of Mauritius island is Trou aux Biches. Its a great place if you’re looking for Dorado, Black and Blue Marlins, and Tuna.

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3. Black River (South West Coast)

One of the popular fishing spots in Mauritius is Black River district on the west coast of the island. Some of the deep-sea fishing trips start from Flic en Flac. There is always something to hunt for, whether it is tuna, bonito (Atlantic bonito), sharks, mahi mahi or marlin.

If you are lucky, your fishing trip will end with swordfish caught on the line. The most intriguing part starts once you left coral reef behind and reach the deep waters where you’ll have all the chances to meet real fish monsters.

Fishing spots in Mauritius
Photo by Kurt François

4. Belle Mare, Trou d’eau Douce (East Coast)

In comparison to the south or west coasts of Mauritius island, that considered to be the richest in terms of fish species, east coast offers you a bit different fishing experience. These fishing spots in Mauritius are less discovered, so you’ll be on your own, without many boats around.

Why the east coast is not so popular for fishing? Due to strong winds and rather chilly weather in Mauritian winter months (June, July and August), but you should give it a try during summer.

5. Poste Lafayette (North East Coast)

Make sure you have all the equipment with you, because this fishing place in Mauritius is the ideal for inshore fishing. You can start fishing right from the public beach, as its not allowed to swim in the area because its dangerous. During storms the height of waves can reach 8 metres, you’ll not see crowds of tourists. So, you can fully enjoy your time. Chances to catch Trevally in this location are high enough.

6. Mahebourg (South-eastern Coast)

This is ideal place for fishing in Mauritius island, with authentic atmosphere created by small colorful boats of local fishermen. You can ask one of them to join the fishing, you can be sure that you will have something to learn from those experienced guys.

You can also enjoy offshore fishing and can expect to catch one of the following species: Garfishes, Scissortail Sergeants.

Photo by Durry H Pompé

Mauritius Fishing Banks

If you’re looking for unique experience, its advised to go fishing to one of Mauritius fishing banks. You’ll get a chance to visit remote places that are under the control of Mauritius and enjoy your time, but be ready to spend about 12 hours boat drive to reach the place.

There are several Fishing Banks where you can find variety of fish and some of them will for sure impress you with its sizes.

7. Soudan Bank

Mostly, all tours to Mauritius fishing banks are organised to Soudan Bank. This is a group of high points and reefs, located in 100 nautical miles north-east from Mauritius island. It is conventionally divided into West, Central and East Soudan.

The most popular area for fishing is Central Soudan Bank due to high reefs that attract diversity of marine creatures. The least popularity has West Soudan, because it is shallow and rocky. East Soudan is in the distance from the rest of fishing banks in about 100 miles.

Soudan Bank Fishing, Mauritius
Photo by Mauritius attractions

8. Hawkins Bank

It is another location in Indian Ocean that has a dependency on Mauritius. If you would like to catch bass or wahoo, its a perfect place to go. This fishing bank is 4 times size of Rodrigues Island in Mauritius. This is one of the famous fishing spots in Mauritius not only among tourists but you can see plenty of boats with locals who come here for hunting.

9. Saya de Malha Bank

It is a part of Mascarene Plateau that plays very important role for marine life as it is the world’s largest seagrass meadow. Water around this bank are full with essential nutrients for tuna and whales. So, if you’re lucky enough you can not only catch giant fish but also to see sperm whales.

10. Nazareth Bank

This bank is not as huge as Saya de Malha and is located 140 km southwest from Mauritius.

How to fish in Mauritius

To hunt giants such as those found on the island, local professional anglers use large and well-equipped sport fishing boats. Many of them stock up on special bait, which can be bought at local stores. But if your goal is larger fish, then the bait should be appropriate. To fish for tuna or marlin, fishermen use meat or parts of other fish.

Fishing rods must also be strong and well equipped. Be sure to secure them to the boat. After all, marlin or tuna have the strongest resistance when they are trying to catch.

Mauritius Fishing Prices

The prices offered by local fishing companies will vary greatly depending on the quality of the boat and the length of the trip. Fishing in Mauritius will cost you an average of $250 to $700 per group. The price includes equipment and a professional boat.

Often the crew keeps the fish for themselves, as local vacationers do not need it. But if you want to take a few trophies with you, they will not refuse you.

It is also worth remembering that only fishing rods are allowed on the island. Other fishing gear is illegal.

Mauritius has something to do not only for fishermen. There are many attractions , luxury hotels and restaurants, pristine beaches and beautiful views. Mauritius is a place where it will be interesting to relax with the whole family.

Mauritius Fishing Spots FAQ

Where is the best fishing in Mauritius?

There several fishing spots in Mauritius on the north, north-west and south of the island.

Are you allowed to fish in Mauritius?

Mauritius island is all-year fishing destination. You can enjoy fishing from shore, but don’t expect to catch some huge fish samples, or you can pre-book the fishing tour for deep-sea fishing.

Can you fish from the shore in Mauritius?

Yes, you can try to catch fish from shore, but don’t expect it to be super big. You try a luck on Flic and Flac beach, also check some places for fishing the eastern part of the island, like Mahebourg or Poste Lafayette.


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