6 Best Grand Baie Beaches to Check in 2023: Ultimate Guide

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Grand Baie in Mauritius is a place of constant party and very intense night life. Besides that, there are diversity of things to do and see in Grand Baie and within short distance. You can spend hours praising this area as a destination point for your vacation, but let’s concentrate on Grand Baie beaches and whether they are suitable for swimming or not.

Read this post to get more details about beaches in Grand Baie area: are they worth visiting, how to get, things to do, hotels to stay nearby and other important tips for first time visitors.

Grand Baie Beaches Map

As in Grand Baie there are only two beaches to enjoy and the rest belong to the hotels, we will also take a look at those beaches located pretty close to Grand Baie.

Grand Bay Public Beach

Most of the beaches on Grand Baie are owned by hotels. The sand there is fine and clean, the water is clear.

Public beach in Grand Bay is very difficult to miss, because it is located in the centre of Grand Baie. Entrance to the water is pretty small, because the lagoon is filled by yachts, boats and catamarans.

You can stay in the shade from the trees fringing the beach and enjoy the views if you don’t want to swim there. Actually, Grand Baie public beach is not the best one for those whose goal is to swim in turquoise waters of Indian Ocean.

Due to the large number of boats, the water on public beach is not as clear as on the beaches at the hotels. But still, its a nice place to visit, with many eateries around, so enjoy your meal, while looking at the ocean.

Grand Bay Beaches

La Cuvette Beach

There is also a public beach La Cuvette in Grand Baie. It is located next to the Royal Palm Hotel. La Cuvette is small but cozy and with all the necessary infrastructure: sun loungers, umbrellas, cafes and tents with freshly squeezed juices. There are no corals and garbage on the beach.

La Cuvette offers a beautiful view of the bay. And from the beach you can walk along a direct scenic road to the resort center. Many tourists mark this beach as the best one for snorkeling in Mauritius.

Plan your visit to this beach accordingly, as its not recommended to visit during low season, which is the period from April till October, because of storms and heavy rains that are typical for this time of the year.

La Cuvette beach is also a place where so many cool places to stay are located. So, if you feel super relaxed after spending the whole day laying on the beach, you can stay in one of the hotels close to the beach.

Grand Baie Beaches, La Cuvette

Mont Choisy Beach

This beach is the very famous not only among tourists but among locals as well. Don’t worry, Mont Choisy is considered to be the longest beach in Mauritius, so there is enough space for everyone. Its a great beach destination for family vacation.

Try just to imagine, how beautiful this beach is: the infinite line of white, fine sand and blue, clean water, on the background there is a wall of green trees that create some shade.

Even though Mont Choisy is not exactly one of Grand Baie beaches, but its still located within Grand Bay area. There are many options for water activites, with diving being one of the popular here.

Beaches in Grand Bay area, Mont Choisy

Pereybere Beach

Another beach in Grand Bay area that is worth visiting. It is very popular among locals, so you can meet them here during weekdays and especially during weekends. Water is very calm in this area, making Pereybere beach the ideal spot for travelers with children.

You can enjoy snorkeling in this area, just go ahead to corals located along the shore. There are many seashells of different sizes and shapes that you can find on the beach.

Grand Baie Beaches, Pereybere

Trou aux Biches

Trou aux Biches beach is a stunning and popular beach located on the northwest coast of Mauritius. The white sandy beach is surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters and is fringed by palm trees, making it a truly idyllic spot. It is a great spot for swimming as the sand there is really soft and the entrance to the water is smooth.

Also, you can enjoy snorkeling, and other water sports, as the waters are usually very calm and clear. Trou aux Biches beach is also a great spot for those looking for some relaxation, as there are plenty of loungers and umbrellas to use. This beach is just 10 minutes drive from Grand Baie.

Grand Baie Beaches

Bain Boeuf Beach

Sand on this beach is not as fine as on other beaches mentioned above. Bain Boeuf beach is less crowded comparing to other, more popular places. Its name translates from French as “beef bath”. Yes, you’ve got it right, there was a time when people brought livestock here to wash.

Grand Bay area beaches, Bain Boeuf

But those time has gone and nowadays its nice beach with rather developed infrastructure. Coastline is fringed with palm trees, creating the shadow where you can hide from the sun. It is located just 8 minutes drive from Grand Baie, so we decided to include this beach in our list.


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