19 Romantic Things to Do in Mauritius and Places to Visit on Honeymoon (2024)

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If you’re looking for the perfect honeymoon destination, look no further than Mauritius – Indian Ocean island. With its stunning unspoiled beaches, lush rainforest, and incredible array of activities and attractions, Mauritius is sure to please honeymooners of any interests.

Here is the list of 19 things to do in Mauritius for couples on honeymoon; keep reading to learn more about romantic places and best activities for couples.

Water activities for couples in Mauritius

1. Spend lazy days lounging on Mauritius beaches

Simply relaxing on the beach is one of the best things to do on your Mauritius honeymoon. Island’s beaches with their clear turquoise waters and soft white sand, can be called “paradise”.

Mauritius island is the perfect place for beach vacation, as it has very long coastline and its very safe for swimming due to the fact that island is surrounded by the reef. The southern coast is the exception of this rule, its better to choose southern beaches for picturesque ocean views.

Mauritius Beaches

If you’re looking for the mix of cool beaches, infrastructure, bars, restaurants, where you can spend romantic evening and plenty of water activities – go to one of the beaches in the North coast of Mauritius island, particularly Grand Baie area.

The most popular among tourists as well as locals are pristine beaches located in the west coast of the island.

And if would like to be closer to the nature its better to choose the eastern part for your Mauritius honeymoon.

Nature parks to visit in Mauritius for couples

2. Get active with watersports

If you’re looking for a little more excitement, there are plenty of water activities to enjoy in Mauritius. There are many options to choose from, depending on how much you like extreme sports, your physical fitness and emotions you’re looking for.

Mauritius island is known for cool kitesurfing spots and places where you can enjoy surfing. There are many schools where you can take lessons (if you’re a beginner) and spend great time. Also, you should try windsurfing or sailing.

Nature reserves in Mauritius for couples

And one of the romantic things to do in Mauritius is sea walk, that will let you to explore beautiful underwater world.

3. Take a sunset catamaran cruise

One of the most romantic activities in Mauritius for couples is to take a sunset cruise. Sit back and relax as you watch the sun sink below the horizon, then enjoy a delicious dinner under the stars. Catamaran cruise is the ideal way to end a perfect day.

Sunset Cruise, Mauiritius

Sunset cruises in Mauritius are usually private ones and include dinner. By joining this cruise you’ll get a chance to see the most beautiful sunset in your life.

Want to joing sunset cruise in Mauritius? Click here to make your reservation.

4. Explore Port Louis – the capital of paradise island

Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius and home to a bustling market, colonial buildings, museums and super delicious Mauritius food, you have to try. It’s the perfect place to spend a day exploring, and you can even take a boat ride around the harbour.

Waterfalls to visit in Mauritius for couples

Also, once in Port Louis don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy shopping. If you’re looking for some places-reminders of colonial past of Mauritius island make sure to visit Fort Adelaide.

There are many places to visit for couples in Mauritius on your honeymoon not only for entertainment, but also for educational purposes, like Blue Penny museum.

You’ve probably heard a lot about extinct Dodo bird, in Natural History Museum you can learn a lot about this bird and even see its restored copy.

Book Port Louis day trip here.

Visit Port Louis During Your Honeymoon in Mauritius

5. See the island from above with a helicopter tour

For a bird’s eye view of Mauritius, take a helicopter tour of the island. You’ll see stunning scenery that you can’t get to by land, including underwater waterfall, mountains, and even active volcanoes. It’s an unforgettable experience you shouldn’t miss.

The most popular itineraty among tourists is the Underwater Waterfall, you can fully evaluate its breathtaking beauty from a helicopter cockpit. Yes, this activity is not budget-friendly, but it will give plenty of emotions for the rest of your life.

See Mauritius island from above with a helicopter tour

If you still want to see how beautiful island is from the bird’s eye and looking for more attractive options in terms of price, you can try out seaplane flight.

6. Join safari tour in one of island’s nature parks

Mauritius is home to some incredible wildlife and nature parks amaze you with their diversity of flora and fauna, so what better way to see it than on a safari? Keep your eyes peeled for monkeys, reptiles, birds, and more.

Romantic places to visit in Mauritius

Mauritius island is one of few places in the world where you can touch and walk with lions. For this really unique experience go to Casela Nature Parks. If you want to meet huge toirtoises and crocodiles include La Vanille Nature park in your list of best places to visit on your Mauritius honeymoon.

You’ll be surprised but you can also meet deer in Mauritius, to do this visit Salazie lodge and its hiking trail.

If you would like to enjoy 4×4 Safari Tour in Bel Ombre Nature Reserve, click here to make your booking.

Go on a Safari During Your Honeymoon in Mauritius

7. Take a hike through Black River Gorges National Park

For a taste of Mauritius’s natural beauty, head to Black River Gorges National Park. With over 6,000 hectares of forest, it’s the perfect place to go hiking or birdwatching. Keep your eyes peeled for rare birds like the pink pigeon and the Mauritius kestrel.

There are many hiking trails in Mauritius that will satisfy different requests: you can enjoy relaxed walking in forests or move directly to the mountanious peak if you’re looking for more extreme.

A must-visit place there is Alexandra waterfalls. Take your time and enjoy the tranquility, being alone with nature.

Take a Hike Through Black River Gorges National Park

If you want to joing 3-hour hiking tour in this national park, please click here to make your reservation.

8. Go on a shopping spree

Mauritius is a shopper’s paradise, with plenty of malls, markets, and boutiques to explore. You’ll find everything from small souvenirs to designer clothes, so there’s something for everyone and it can be one of the fun activities for couples in Mauritius.

Things to do on Mauritius honeymoon

You can start your shopping journey from the small markets, in Grand Baie area for example, where you can find all types of goods at a reasonable price. Bargaining is expected, so don’t be afraid to haggle for a good price. You can also check out local textile and jewelry.

If you’re looking for more luxurious shopping experience, make sure you’ve visited one of the biggest country’s mall “Le Caudan Waterfront” or “Happy World House” shopping centers.

Places to visit on Mauritius honeymoon

9. Learn about Mauritius’s history at Aapravasi Ghat World Heritage Site

Mauritius has a long and fascinating history, and there’s no better place to learn about it than at Aapravasi Ghat. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was once a hub for indentured workers, and today it’s a museum that tells the story of their lives.

More than 3 millions of tourists have visited this place so far. This place has very important historical and symbolic meaning, as it was there where “free” labor replaced “slavery”. Moreover, it influenced on modern economic system.

Things to do in Mauritius for couples
  • Address: RGR3+J6J Ex-DWC Building, 1 Quay St, Port Louis, Mauritius (click here to view on map)
  • Opening Hours:
    • Mon – Fri from 9 AM till 4 PM;
    • Saturday – from 9 AM till 12 PM;
    • Sunday – Closed.
  • Phone: +230 217 7770
  • Ticket Price:
  • Official website: aapravasi.govmu.org
Markets to visit during Mauritius honeymoon

10. Marvel at the Seven Coloured Earths

One of the most famous Mauritius attractions is Seven Coloured Earths geopark. These sand dunes get their colours from the minerals in the soil, and they’re truly a sight to behold.

As this place became one of the most popular things to do for couples in Mauritius, it was decided to build wooden bridge to prevent the destruction of this natural beauty by tourists.

As you may guess from the name of the park, you’ll have a chance to see sand dunes in seven colors (red, violet, brown, blue, purple, green and yellow).

  • Address: 7 Colored Earth Road, Chamarel, Mauritius
  • Working hours: 8.30 – 17.00
  • Ticket price: 12 USD. You can book your entry ticket here.
  • If you would like to enjoy observing rainbow hued sand dunes and some other iconic sights of Mauritius South-West with no hustle, click here to book private tour with lunch.
Seven Coloured Earths, Mauritius

11. Have a romantic dinner at one of Mauritius’s top restaurants

Mauritius is home to some of the best restaurants in the Indian Ocean, so it’s the perfect place to enjoy a romantic dinner. Whether you’re looking for fine dining or something more casual, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from.

You can easily find restaurants with cuisines you get used to, but its better to give a try to local food. Plan a visit to “Creole Shack” which is considered number one restaurant in Flic En Flac. Another place you can check is “At Linda’s Place” located in Calodyne village in Mauritius.

Places to eat in Mauritius

12. Go on a glass-bottom boat ride

For a different way to see the underwater world, take a glass-bottom boats ride. You’ll be able to see the colourful fish and coral without getting wet, making it the perfect activity for those who don’t want to scuba dive.

You can go to Grand Baie and visit one of its beachesLa Cuvette, where you can give a try to this unusual and so exciting water activity. Another very popular location for glass-bottom ride is Blue Bay Marine Park. Usually, glass-bottom boat ride is a part ot tour, so should be pre-booked in advance.

Glass-bottom Boat Ride, Mauritius

If you want to enjoy this fun activity and combine it with snorkeling at Blue Bay, click here to make your reservation.

13. Take a trip to Ile aux Cerfs

Ile aux Cerfs is a small island off the coast of Mauritius that’s well worth a visit. It’s home to stunning beaches, lush vegetation, and clear blue waters. This is one of the most beautiful spots for snorkeling in Mauritius with an opportunity to see the colourful coral and marine life.

87 hectares of natural beauty, long coastline with white sand and clean water, this is a description of this privately owned island, which is real tropical paradise.

Places to visit on Mauritius honeymoon

One of the popular activities in Île aux Cerfs is golf, at the Golf Academy you can take golf course for beginners.

  • Address: Click here to open the map.
  • Tour options:
    • You can join full-day cruise to Ile aux Cerfs with lunch. Click here to make your booking.
    • Another option is to take a trip from Blue Bay to Ile aux Cerfs on a speedboat. You can make your reservation here.

Take a Trip to Ile aux Cerfs Island During Your Honeymoon in Mauritius

14. Visit Chamarel Waterfalls

Chamarel Waterfalls are one of Mauritius’s most popular attractions, providing a truly spectacular sight. There are two viewpoints to enjoy Chamarel Waterfalls, located at different heights. Take a look at waterfalls from both of them as that will allow you to see them from different sides.

This place can be visited whole year round, but if youwould like to see waterfalls when they are really full of water, plan your visit from December to March. You can visit Chamarel Waterfalls on your own or join day tour to the South of Mauritius.

  • Address: H94P+P86, Chamarel, Mauritius
  • Opening hours: 8.30 – 17.00
  • Phone: +230 483 4298
  • Join full-day tour to explore Mauritius South-West and visit Chamarel Waterfalls. Click here to make your reservation.
Chamarel Waterfalls, Mauritius

15. Visit a Rhumerie de Chamarel Distillery

Mauritius is famous for its rum, so be sure to visit a distillery while you’re on the island. To do this, travel to the South West of the island, where Rhumerie de Chamarel Distillery found its perfect location.

You’ll learn everything about how rum is made, and you can even sample some of the different kinds produced on the island. The company uses its own sugarcane which is grown in the fields surrouding the distillery. To make this experience even more unique just join guided tour, organized by the distillery.

  • Address: Chamarel, Mauritius
  • Opening hours: 9.30 – 16.30, closed on Sundays
  • Official website: http://www.rhumeriedechamarel.com/
  • Phone: +2304834980
Things to do in Mauritius on honeymoon

16. Enjoy the views from Le Morne Brabant Mountain

Le Morne Mountain is one of the best places to go for incredible views and definitely one of the places to visit in Mauritius for couples, solo travelers, in other words, for everyone. You can hike to the top on your own or join the tour.

The second option is more preferable, even in terms of safety. From the top of the mountain you’ll see famous underwater waterfall. At the bottom of the mountain you’ll find International Slave Route monument.

Nature parks to visit in Mauritius for couples

Mountain Le Morne is located on the peninsula with identical name, once you’re done with hiking make sure to check other interesting places in Le Morne.

If you want to join hiking tour at Le Morne Mountain, click here to make your reservation.

Things to do for couples in Mauritius

17. Go scuba diving

With its clear blue waters and colourful reefs, Mauritius is a great place to go scuba diving. There are dive sites in Mauritius for all levels of experience, so even if you’ve never done it before, you can still enjoy the underwater world.

There are about 200 dive sites near Mauritius island, but divers mostly visit the north and the east of the country. In terms of season, Mauritius island is all-year round destination for scuba diving, so you can easily find the best spot to check marine life in any season.

Things to do for couples in Mauritius

But during the summer the waters become very warm and many fish species come closer to the shore, so you’ll have a chance to meet some rare marine creatures.

You can join diving tour at East coast from Belle Mare beach. Click here to get more tour details and make your reservation.

Places to visit in Mauritius for couples

18. Visit Trou aux Cerfs volcano

Trou aux Cerfs is an inactive volcano that’s now one of Mauritius’s most popular tourist attractions. You can hike to the top for stunning views, or just enjoy the peaceful surroundings. This volcano will surprise you with the abundance of the trees which overgrown the walls of the crater.

It is believed that the last eruption here was many many years ago. From the highest point of volcano you can easily see Curepipe city. In 2014 there was creates a special path for those who was looking for some extreme and wanted to get to the bottom of the volcano, nowadays this path simply disappeared, because the vegetation is very strong there. Location on the map.

Things to do in Mauritius for couples

19. Have a picnic at Pamplemousses Gardens

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, also known and marked almost everywhere as the oldest botanical garden in southern hemisphere, is one of the most beautiful places in Mauritius and must visit places for couples. With lily ponds, spice gardens, and thousands of different species of plants, this botanical garden worth a visit. Except of exotic plants, you can visit animal enclosures on the territory of the gardens.

Don’t forget to make a stop near the colonial house – Chateau Mon Plaisir.

Kayaking for couples in Mauritius

There’s no doubt that Mauritius is an ideal place for romantic honeymoon. With its white sand beaches, lush vegetation, palm trees and abundance of activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, you’re sure to find it on this magical island.

  • Address: VHWJ+448, Pamplemousses, Mauritius
  • Opening hours: 8.30 – 17.30
  • Phone: +230 243 9401
  • Entrance fee: 5 USD
  • You can visit Pamplemousses Gardens by yourself or join private tour while visiting Mauritius other iconic places. Click here to get more tour details.
Have a picnic at Pamplemousses Gardens during your Honeymoon in Mauritius

Honeymoon in Mauritius FAQ

Is Mauritius good for couples?

Mauritius island is one of the most romantic places where you can spend your honeymoon. You are deeply mistaken if you think that the island can offer you only a lazy type vacation. Yes, there are many beautiful beaches, each worth visiting.
You’ll not be tired, as there are plenty of activities for couples: you can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, kitesurfing and other water activities. You can try play golf or visit rum distillery, hike one of the mountains or have a walk with a lion.

Is Mauritius good for honeymoon?

Yes, there are so many romantic things to enjoy during Mauritius honeymoon, so you’ll be surprised. You can easily find how to entertain yourself, starting from shopping, visiting romantic places to some extreme activities, like shark diving or skydiving.

Is Mauritius a romantic destination?

Without any doubt, Mauritius island should be on your list if you’re looking for the greatest romantic destination. It has beautiful beaches with white sand, lush greenery on the background and clean shallow waters.
It also has nice viewpoints to enjoy sunset. Most hotels are located on the first line, so you can listen to the ocean right from your room.

Which Part of Mauritius is the best for Honeymoon?

It depends on how you would like to spend your honeymoon. If you’re looking for luxurious and more calm places, check out the east coast of the island.
Luxury hotels, that provide high end services, clean and picturesque lagoons will wait for you there. If you’re up for constant party, north of the island will be the best option.

Is Mauritius expensive for honeymoon?

It depends on how you would to spend your time and where you’re going to stay. For actual price on honeymoon packages in Mauritius, its better to check TripAdvisor.
Approximately, the price for 8 days/ 7 nights in 5 star hotel will be 2500 USD (information is for reference only).


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