Tourist’s Guide to Ile des Deux Cocos in Mauritius (Coconut Island), 2024

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Ile des Deux Cocos or Coconut Island is a small private island located in the southeast of Mauritius island, about 500 meters away from its coast. Small island is surrounded by warm and turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and is a perfect place for many types of water activities. You can spend the night there, but make sure you’ve made a reservation in advance. As an option you can visit it by joining day tour to this piece of tropical paradise.  

Check this comprehensive guide to Ile des Deux Cocos in Mauritius; learn more about Coconut island, how to get there, things to do, acommodation options and other useful information.

Ile Des Deux Cocos from the Sea, Mauritius
Photography by Nashad Rujobolly

General info

Even though Ile des Deux Cocos is really small it has all necessary facilities for a high-end vacation experience. You might be surprised, but there is a 100 – hundred years old villa, harmonically located among coconut trees. This colonial villa was built in 1920 by British governor.

The style is very unusual, it ideally combines English and Mauritian architectural components. Nowadays, this place is very popular among those looking for some privacy, it’s also a popular choice for wedding ceremonies in tropical paradise as well as a place where you can spend several days of your honeymoon in Mauritius island.    

Ile Des Deux Cocos Private Island, Mauritius
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Things to do in Ile des Deux Cocos

Snorkeling and diving

Don’t think that the time spent on the island will be boring. There are many activities you can enjoy and not all of them are water related. You can guess that beaches around the island offer great snorkeling and diving.

There are several locations where diving is allowed only for experienced divers. The underwater world is diverse and not so ruined compared to Mauritius island with many tourists visiting it.

Coastal waters are filled by corals and colorful marine creatures.

If you would like to visit Ile des Deux Cocos, explore the island and ejoy snorkeling, click here to make your reservation.

Ile Des Deux Cocos, Mauritius
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Explore the island

Don’t want to swim in the ocean, then you can spend a great time in the swimming pool, located on the island and surrounded by the green palms. If you’re a sports fan you can play beach volleyball. Also, there is a huge chess located in the center of the island that you can play. 

Day tours from the island

Trips from the island are usually organized to the shipwreck that was sunk during the battle between France and the British Empire.

The part of the ship that is above the surface of the ocean serves as a reminder of that time period. It became the place of living for many marine creatures that you can meet while snorkeling in this area.      

Visit small islands

Around Mauritius island there are many small remote islands that you can visit from Ile des Deux Cocos. You can rent a boat for several hours to visit places such as Ile aux Aigrettes, Ile au Phare or Ile de la Passe. 

Ile des Deux Cocos, Mauritius island
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Ile aux Aigrettes is one of Mauritius nature parks and reserves. The government of the island set up the goal to reestablish endemic flora and fauna, which was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, when this island served as a military base. Tourists are not allowed on the island, you can go around it on the boat. 

Another small island that played an important historical role for Mauritius island is Ile de la Passe. It is one of the destination points for catamaran excursions. 

Visit a lighthouse

Have you ever been to a lighthouse? Then a visit to Ile au Phare as locals call it or L’île Fouquets should be on your list. The lighthouse was constructed in 1864 and functioned until the 20th century. The island is accessible to boats only from its southern part. This island also was included in the list of Mauritius national parks.   


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