Tourist’s Guide to La Cambuse Public Beach, South of Mauritius: Things to Do, Accommodation Options (2024)

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La Cambuse beach is a perfect place to visit if you would like to take a look at Mauritius island before it became very popular among tourists and honeymooners around the globe. Abundance of greenery, no hotels and villas, night clubs, only nature – this is the way to describe this beach, located in the south of the island, where local community prefer to spend time watching the ocean.

It’s very nice and offers scenic views of the ocean, but the paradox is that there are not so many vacationers spending their time on La Cambuse beach. Take advantage of this and enjoy the calm of this place on your own. 

Check this ultimate travel guide to La Cambuse public beach; keep reading to get more details about things to do, is this beach safe for swimming and hotels to stay nearby.

La Cambuse Beach, Mauritius
Photo by Saleem A Sam

La Cambuse Public Beach General Information 

La Cambuse beach (check map tag) is located not far from one of Maurtius island nature reserves – Royal Palms Forest.

In the short distance to the east from the beach there is another nature park – Blue Bay Marine Park and Blue Bay beach, which is worth visiting. And it’s about a 10 minutes drive from the airport. 

It is white colored, fine sand beach, so you can walk barefoot. You’ll find enough shade as the coastal line is covered by green trees. Black rocks on the right side contrast with white sand, while exploring this part of the beach be very careful as it can be slippery. 

Is It Safe for Swimming

Even though the entrance to the water is rather smooth, this beautiful beach is not advised for swimming due to strong currents and big waves. But there is some sort of the natural pool created by the rocks, which is protected from the currents and is safe, good place to swim.

Water there is clean and shallow, so if you’re traveling with kids, go directly to the right end of the beach

As it’s not the most popular among tourists, there are no places to eat within walking distance or right at the beach. The closest location is 5 minutes drive “Le Chaland Cuisine Mauricienne et Fusion”

Beach in the south of Mauritius
Photo by Urbini

Best Time to Visit

La Cambuse is a great place for beach vacation in Mauritius. It can be visited throughout the year, but the best time is summer. In many guides this place will be marked as the perfect one to meet sunrises and sunsets.

So, don’t forget to include it in the list of must-visit romantic places in Mauritius for couples. If you’re planning to spend the day there, the best hours are from 9.00 am till 11.00 am and from 1.00 pm till 4.00 pm.

Within the period from 11.00 am till 1.00 pm its better to stay in the shadows of casuarina trees. 

Despite the fact that this beach is quite picturesque, there are not so many visitors there. But on the weekends and during high season it can be crowded. 

Things to Do in La Cambuse Beach and Surroundings

Being one of the beautiful beaches in the south of Mauritius island, La Cambuse has all necessary amenities to make your vacation more comfortable. Toilets, showers, umbrellas, sun loungers and ice cream van are there, parking is also within 100 meters from the beach. 

There are not so many things to do on La Cambuse, but your visit to this beautiful beach can be a part of a day tour on quad bikes. 

How does it sound for you some of the nearby attractions like Royal Palm Forest, make a stop at Pointe Vacoas, visit La Cambuse beach and move further to Pont Neuf River, where you can swim.

All mentioned locations can be a bit difficult to reach by car, that’s why organizers decided to choose quad bikes as an alternative. More information about the tour and opportunity to book can be found here. 

Nature and animal lovers can spend about 30 minutes driving to the west of the island and visit La Vanille Nature park. 

La Cambuse beach, Mauritius island
Photo by Saleem A Sam

Top 5 Hotels Near La Cambuse Beach

  1. Shandrani Beachcomber Resort and Spa – four star resort.
  2. Tibambari Guesthouse
  3. Gite des Acacias
  4. Anantara IKO Mauritius Resort
  5. Holiday Inn Mauritius Mon Tresor

How to get there 

There are no direct signs on the road that you’re going the right way to La Cambuse public beach, as well as means of public transport. Your main reference point should be the famous resort Shandrani. Turn right to the dirt road and follow it.  

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