La Cuvette Beach, Mauritius: Things to Do, Nearby Hotels, Season and More (2024)

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La Cuvette public beach is located on the north west coast, in the bay between Mont Choisy beach and Pereybere public beaches. It’s one of the few beaches in the Grand Baie area.

Being one of the popular tourist places with a lot of things to do, Grand Baie tourists flow to La Cuvette to spend a day near the ocean. 

Located in the lagoon protected from high waves, La Cuvette beach with its shallow, crystal clear water becomes very crowded on weekends. Locals along with tourists like to enjoy the calm atmosphere of this place surrounded by palm trees. 

Check this La Cuvette beach ultimate guide for first timers and get up-to-date information about places to stay nearby, things to do, learn how safe is this Mauritius public beach for swimming and other details.

La Cuvette beach in Grand Baie area
Photo by Nashad Rujobolly

La Cuvette Public Beach General Info

La Cuvette public beach is located between Royal Palm Beachcomber and Veranda Grand Baie. So, this beach is usually associated with one of the mentioned resorts. Coastline is not so long, about 150 meters long.

The beach is a white, fine sand surrounded by black rocks. There are many coconut trees growing along the coastline, where you can hide from the bright sun. 

Be very careful while swimming as there are a lot of yachts in these clear waters. Just 5 minutes walking to the direction of Grand Baie public beach there is a Yacht Club and behind this beach is a boat renting company. On their way to the open sea, boats and catamarans pass by La Cuvette public beach. 

TOP 5 Hotels near La Cuvette

  1. Mauricia Beachcomber Resort & Spa
  2. Veranda Grand Baie Hotel
  3. Seapoint Boutique Hotel
  4. LUX Grand Baie Resort & Residences
  5. Canonnier Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa

Best Time to Visit La Cuvette Beach

The best period to enjoy your time at this beach is from April till June. Starting from July and until October it can be unsafe to stay there. Nearby territories as well as beach itself are a subject of severe thunderstroms, heavy rains that can lead to floods. Its highly recommended by Mauritian government to avoid any visits to this beach during this period.

La Cuvette Beach, north of Mauritius
Photo by Rishi Shirao

Things to Do and Nearby Attractions

La Cuvette is not that type of public beach where you can find plenty of things to do and entertain. Among water activities typical for Mauritius island, one of the best activities to try is the undersea walk experience.

This is a great option for those who would like to explore the underwater world with its inhabitants but not a fan of diving.  

Another activity to enjoy is seabob diving. This is a nice way “to become” a dolphin for a short while. You can swim with fast colorful tropical fish, explore the bottom of the ocean.

Click here, if you would like to get more details about the activity and book it. 

La Cuvette Public Beach
Photo by Nashad Rujobolly

A small rocky ledge from one side of this beautiful beach with turquoise waters forms kind of pier. It is used as a view point and as a seashore fishing point. Be careful walking there, because rocks are quite slippery and sharp. 

Things to do in La Cuvette beach, Mauritius

It’s also a nice place for snorkeling. To enjoy it just go beyond the imaginary line where the rocks end. Instead of corals you’ll see seaweeds thriving in this area. They attract fish and other marine creatures, making it an ideal place to enjoy the underwater world. 


La Cuvette beach is one of well maintained beaches in Mauritius, which is cleaned regularly. There are toilets and showers on the beach, as well as changing rooms.

There are not so many stalls and trucks with food, but there are some places to eat in case you’re hungry. 

Where to eat 

The closest to this relatively small beach is N’JOY restaurant where you can order drinks, delicious food and listen to live music. 

Looks more like a stall, with some simple traditional, but very tasty dishes you can also go to Aslam Choychoo located not so far from the beach. 


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