Visitor’s Guide to Pereybere Beach, Mauritius: Things to Do (2024)

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If you’ve planned your Mauritius vacation in the north of the island in Grand Baie, public beach there is a big rarity, as the coastline is mostly occupied by hotels. If you’re looking for the perfect small beach to swim in Indian ocean and relax, laying under the shadow of the palm tree, visit Pereybere beach. 

Pereybere beach is located on the northwest coast of Mauritius, in the village of Pereybere. It is a popular tourist destination, known for its crystal clear waters and beautiful white sandy beach.

Check this ultimate travel guide to Pereybere beach and get more information about things to do, acommodation options, how to get there and other important details for first timers.

Pereybere, Mauritius

How to get there

Its one of the beautiful beaches located just a few kilometers from Grand Bay, which is one of the main tourist areas in Mauritius. If you’re near Grand Baie beach, go to the north, it’s about 2.5 km walking distance.

From Port Louis it will take up to 45 minutes to reach the place. You can use public transport, local buses and take Express Cap Malheureux Bus.

Photo from Antionette Van der Walt

If you’re going there directly from Mauritius International airport it can take about 1.30 hrs to get to the final point.

There are many other beautiful beaches located nearby worth visiting: La Cuvette public beach, Pointe D’Azur, Trou aux Biches.

What Does Pereybere Public Beach Look like?

The entrance to the water at Pereybere beach in Grand Bay is generally gentle and slopes slowly into the sea. It is white sandy beach with turquoise waters that make this place great for swimming.

Water depth increases gradually. There are also several coral reefs in the area, which are home to a variety of marine life and offer good snorkeling opportunities.

Pereybere, Mauritius

It is worth noting that the sea can sometimes have strong currents and waves, particularly during the rainy season, so it is always a good idea to be cautious when entering the water and to follow any safety instructions provided by the beach authorities.

Pereybere is small beach, it’s only 150 m long. This family beach in Grand Bay stays pretty busy all year round, on weekends crowds of locals come here with families to enjoy their time.

Pereybere, Mauritius island

Even though the ocean is rather deep on Pereybere beach, the water is calm and safe for swimming, making this place one of the favorite among travelers with children

If you’re looking for the perfect place where you can enjoy stunning sunset – make sure to visit this beach. But privacy is not guaranteed, if you would like to have the best spots with cool views – try to arrive early.

Pereybere, Mauritius

Beach Infrastructure

There is no fee to enter the beach. It is easily accessible by car or public transport, and there is plenty of parking available.

The beach is surrounded by a number of restaurants, cafes, and shops, and there are also several hotels and guest houses in the area. It was mentioned earlier that this beach is a popular location among families with children.

But please, keep in mind that there is no lifeguard there, so you should be careful and remember about all potential risks while entering the water. 

Pereybere, Mauritius

Things to Do in Pereybere Beach 

Deep sea fishing

Pereybere beach is usually the starting point for deep sea fishing. To enjoy big game fishing you can rent a boat or catamaran. Even though most tours are started at Grand Bay, in Pereybere area there is Le Performant Sport Fishing club, that can offer you different types of services.

Kayak and pedalo

Another way to explore nearby turquoise waters is by kayak. You can also rent pedal boats right on the beach. Make sure to use sunscreen, otherwise you can get sunburn.

You can easily reach two reefs right from the shore and enjoy the diversity of marine life in coastal waters. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet not only colorful schools of fish but giant turtles. 

Pereybere beach, north of Mauritius

Scuba diving

Octopus diving centre located just several minutes walk from the beach. It’s a place where you can join a scuba diving tour. There are several dive locations in the nearby waters of Pereybere, like Turtle point or Moray reef.  

Catamaran cruises

There are also dolphin cruise organized to Ile aux Aigrettes from Pereybere. Or you can join day tour to the remote northern islands with BBQ and drinks.

Underwater sea walk

Underwater sea walk is another must try in the area. If scuba diving is not for you, for you still want to see schools of tropical fish, corals and other forms of marine life – this kind of water activity is the perfect fit for you.

Pereybere beach, Mauritius

Best Time to Visit Pereybere

Even though Mauritius island is a place of constant summer, you have to keep in mind seasons before planning your vacation. For those, who would like to stay in Pereybere area, it’s better to keep in mind that there are two high seasons: one from March till May, another one from September till November.

During mentioned months prices for accommodation can be really high. From June till August there is a low season, when there are not so many tourists and prices are a bit lower.

Pereybere, Mauritius

TOP-5 Pereybere Accomodation Options

There are enough places to choose from if you’re looking where to stay in Pereybere. You can find hotels, condos, inns.

Rocky beach close to Pereybere
  1. Hibiscus beach resort and spa. 3-star hotel with ocean views, considered as family hotel, have enough positive reviews. Can check prices here.
  2. Another popular Pereybere hotel is Pereybere Hotel & Spa. It’s also 3-star hotel with all necessary amenities and ocean view rooms.
  3. Also check Ocean V hotel. Being recently opened, this 4-star poperty has already got many positive reviews from guests.
  4. f you’re looking for more budget-friendly accommodation option in Pereybere, then check Toparadis Guest House. It can be a great option for families.
  5. One more guesthouse option worth checking in Pereybere area is Bleu De Toi Boutique Guesthouse.


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