Travel Guide to Scuba Diving in Mauritius (2023)

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Scuba diving Mauritius is considered one of the most beautiful and interesting in the world, because the locations for it are part of the Mascarenas underwater plateau.

This is a unique place that surrounds almost two and a half million square kilometers of Indian Ocean water and is protected by a barrier reef. The only way to reach the plateau is by boat. Diving near the coast is not common here due to the large number of shallow lagoons.

Check this ultimate travel guide on scuba diving in Mauritius and get up-to-date information about prices and tours, best season and scuba diving schools.

Mauritius Scuba Diving General Info

You can rent a boat for diving right on the piers or one of Mauritius beaches. All swimming facilities are regularly tested and meet quality and safety standards.

Another feature of diving in Mauritius is the preservation of the fragile underwater landscape of the Indian Ocean. Here, tourists are not taken to crowded locations, and boats are not moored at anchors that can destroy underwater reefs.

Instead of anchoring, mooring buoys are used, which do not destroy the landscape and are approved by the Mauritian Diving Association (MSDA).

Scuba diving in Mauritius

Best time for scuba diving in Mauritius 

Location of this volcanic island allows you to enjoy scuba diving all year round. But, the best diving conditions are during summer in Mauritius (from October till April). During this period, coastal waters warm up well, attracting a variety of marine creatures.

Along with the marine life familiar to these places, in summer months you can also meet more exotic species here. Among them are wrasses, crayfish, sweetlips and many others. 

If you would like to meet someone specifically, like turtles, then plan your visit in the period from November till March, sharks can be seen in the nearby waters from November till May, while dolphins and humpback whales from June till October.

Scuba diving in Mauritius island
Photo by Ocean Spirit Scuba Diving Mauritius

Scuba Diving in Mauritius Tours and Prices

There are many options you can choose from when it comes to diving tours. Your choice can be based on location, your level, prices and what you would like to see.

Even though scuba diving in Mauritius is considered to be safe, make sure to choose trustable company and professional guide to accompany you. Below you can find several offers for diving packages with prices you can choose from. 

  • For those who don’t have any experience in diving it’s necessary to learn theory and learn some basic things. Some companies conduct such classes in the pool, while others choose shallow lagoons. You can check out a diving tour for beginners in Tamarin Bay. Learn and exercise diving basics in the pool before going to the open waters. The price starts from 75 USD/ per person. Click here for more details about activity and the possibility to book. 
  • Tamarin bay is also a starting point for diving trips for more experienced divers. You’ll have a chance to see turtles, eagle rays and other reef habitats. Tour price is 59 USD/ per person. Click here to make a reservation. 
  • If you’re on the east coast of the island you can join a diving tour in Belle Mare. It starts with a training under guidance from a PADI professional, in the shallow waters you’ll have a chance to practice diving techniques. Price is 96 USD/ per person. Here you can find all the details
  • Another place for beginners to enjoy diving is Blue Bay marine park. This diving tour is more about learning and practicing, as waters in Blue Bay are rather shallow and very clean. Click here to check the details.  
  • The most beautiful underwater views with abundance of marine life can be found in the north Grand Baie area. So you can easily join the 2-hours group tour and explore the bottom of the ocean with its bright corals and sunk wrecks. Book here. 
  • There are also diving packages for those who would like to receive PADI certification and improve diving skills. All the details about this tour can be found here

Best places to dive in Mauritius 

There are about 30 locations around the island that can guarantee the best scuba diving experience. Most divers prefer to go to the north. Grand Baie is a starting point to the Northern isles.

One of the most popular places is Coin de Mire, which is an absolute must-visit during dive safari. There are also many sunk wrecks in the nearby waters. You can choose which one you would like to visit more, Djabeda where barracudas and rays are usually found.

Diving in Mauritius
Photo by Ocean Spirit Scuba Diving Mauritius

Do not ignore other parts of the island, there are enough places for memorable dives everywhere. You can go to the east and check out Coral Garden with a variety of corals as you might guess or enjoy chill diving in the Aquarium in Belle Mare area.

One of the well known diving spots in Mauritius is Cathedral, which is one of Flic en Flac dive sites. And if you’re a beginner you can try diving in Blue Bay marine park. More experienced divers can go ahead to Le Morne peninsula with its St Jacques pass – a must visit location for adrenaline seekers.

Diving in Mauritius: how to make diving safe

Each diving school in Mauritius is overseen by the Mauritian Scuba Diving Association (MSDA). All Mauritius dive instructors and masters are licensed and listed on the MSDA.

If you go diving in Mauritius, you can join the MSDA as a temporary member. This membership guarantees you immediate assistance in the event of a difficult situation or a threat to life and health. You can find out more about membership fees and how to become part of MSDA on their official website.

Mauritius scuba diving
Photo by Ocean Spirit Scuba Diving Mauritius


Is Mauritius good for scuba diving?

Yes, there are about 30 dive locations around the island, with plenty of opportunities to meet different marine creatures, colorful fish, giant turtles and corals of absolutely different shapes and sizes.

Can you swim with sharks in Mauritius?

There are special package tours organized to the places where you can enjoy shark diving. But this activity is offered only to experienced divers.
There are several places close to the island where you can enjoy such experience, the most popular one is Round island in the north.

Are there manta rays in Mauritius?

A frequent visitor to the coastal waters of the island is Eagle Rays.

Is scuba diving in Mauritius safe for first-timers?

Mauritius island is surrounded by the reef with many places to dive. Beginners should make their first dives inside the reef where the waters are shallow and the visibility is great. In any part of the island you can find sites, that are great for first-timers.

Which side of Mauritius is best for diving?

You can easily find where to dive in any part of Mauritius island, but more dive sites are concentrated in the northern and eastern parts.


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