9 Water Sports in Mauritius to Enjoy (2024)

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Considered as a paradise island in the Indian Ocean, there are many water sports activities in Mauritius. There are many ways to explore the underwater world and evaluate the beauty and abundance of colourful marine life. Depending on your fitness level and preferences you can decide what type of sea activities to enjoy.

Here is the list of 9 water sports activities in Mauritius island; make sure to include some of these sea activities in your must-try list.


Mauritius is an island surrounded by reefs. Its shallow and clear waters make it the perfect place for snorkeling. Regardless of location, ideal spots for this sea activity can be found in each part of the island.

If you’re in the southeastern part of the island you can enjoy magical corals while snorkeling in Blue Bay marine park. But the best and usually the busiest place is private island Ile aux Cerfs. 

Water sports in Mauritius

If you’re in the north of Mauritius, looking for the best beaches in Grand Baie area, drive about 5 minutes to the west of the island where you can find Pereybere beach.

Like in many other places around the island, you can see colorful tropical fish, but this particular place is attractive because you can meet sea tortoises there. For an abundance of marine life join the tour that will bring you to one of the small remote islands located in the north of Mauritius.   

If you would like to try snorkeling experience and admire diverse marine life, you can join catamaran cruise to lle aux Cerfs with snorkeling and lunch. Click here to get more information about this activity and make your reservation.

Deep sea fishing 

Among water activities in Mauritius deep sea fishing is extremely popular. Season doesn’t matter for this water sport, the fish species will only differ.

You can catch Blue Marlin, Barracuda, Tuna, Dorado, Mahi Mahi and other monsters living in the depths of the Indian ocean during big game fishing. There are many fishing spots around the island you can start your journey from.

If you’re a big fan of fishing you can join the tour and go to Mauritius banks and receive absolutely different feelings from one the most popular water activities in Mauritius. If your goal is the fishing process itself and not the size of fish you caught, enjoy shore fishing. 

Fishing Season in Mauritius

Kite Surfing 

Among other sea activities in Mauritius, kitesurfing is very popular. There are many great kite spots around the island that will satisfy the needs of those who tried kitesurfing for the first time as well as for kite pros. 

Many newbies choose Le Morne to learn how to kite. As this place is very popular among tourists, be ready that it can be very crowded. For a calm atmosphere you can go to Grand Baie or check Palmar. 

Don’t forget to check the addresses of kite schools where you can rent necessary equipment and take a class if you don’t know how to ride. 

Scuba diving 

Diving in Mauritius is a must-do thing. The underwater world is diverse there: you’ll meet schools of tropical fish that will impress you with bright colors, and corals of different shapes and sizes are home to many marine creatures.

You can find diving centers in any part of the island, but if you’re looking for the best experience then move to the north coast and visit Grand Baie. Scuba dive near Coin de Mire is an absolute must-do.

The location chosen for scuba diving depends on your experience level. Best diving experience for beginners will be in Blue Bay marine park with plenty of magical corals located in this area. On average, there are more than 30 places to explore during your diving in Mauritius.

Sea activities in Mauritius

This is a starting point to small remote islands that are well known for their abundance of marine life. If you’re an experienced diver and one of the adventure lovers, then you can join a shark diving tour that usually takes place near Flat island.

Advanced divers can go to Belle Mare, which is in the east coast of the country, there it’s also a great chance to meet sharks and pelagic fish.

If you would like to try diving experience at East Belle Mare, you can join guided scuba diving tour. Click here to get more information about this activity and make your reservation.

Dolphin swimming & Whale watching 

Dolphin swimming is one of the most exciting sea activities that you shouldn’t miss. To enjoy it you have to join the tour. The action takes place in Mauritius west coast, in Tamarin Bay or near Benetiers islands. You can see two different types of dolphins: Spinner and Bottlenose (which is the bigger one). 

Sea activities in Mauritius

Boats usually go to the point early in the morning. This is the perfect time to meet dolphins right after they’ve finished their breakfast. In order to make this experience the most pleasant one, make sure to follow the instructions of your guide.

If you would like to swim with doplhins, you can join boat tour in Île aux Bénitiers with snorkeling and lunch. Click here to get more information about this activity and make your reservation. 

Also, you can meet migrating humpback whales in Mauritius during the winter (from May till September). 

Underwater Sea Walk 

If you’re not interested in scuba diving but would like to explore the underwater world, you can try an underwater sea walk. Among other water sports in Mauritius, underwater sea walking doesn’t require any skills.

You’ll be accompanied by the professional guide and will be equipped well, so no need to worry about the safety.

Instead of swimming with a mask, during underwater walk you’ll go along the reefs, as well you’ll have a chance to meet a lot of underwater life typical for calm lagoon waters.

The most popular spots to try out such types of walks are Belle Mare and Grand Baie

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For experienced surfers, Mauritius island might not be the best option. You can hear a lot about such things as localism in regards to surfing. In famous surfing spots in Mauritius and during the season locals are not so welcoming to tourists. 

Besides that, surfing can be one of the water sports in Mauritius to enjoy and hone your skills. You can choose between Tamarin Bay and Le Morne as well as other locations in the southern coast of the island. Plan your trip during November – May when good waves are guaranteed. 

Water activities in Mauritius
Photo by Christian Hardouin

Sea Kayaking 

The next one on our list of water sports in Mauritius is kayaking. Tours are usually organized along the Tamarin river, the itinerary runs through picturesque places. Look around attentively, you’ll have a chance to meet birds, animals and marine creatures living in this place. 

You can also meet dolphin pods. Usually such a trip finishes with contemplation of the beautiful sunset. 

Another kayak trip starts from the northern part of Mauritius island with the final destination to Amber island with its mangrove forests. 

Cave Sea Kayaking

A little intrigue and mystery will bring cave sea kayaking. This water sport in Mauritius takes place in the western coast of the island, with Albion caves as a target. Huge basalt rocks and cliffs, ability to maneuvre and navigate your kayak – this activity has nothing in common with lying on one of the beautiful beaches.

Water sports in Mauritius


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