Lake Ladoga in Karelia

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Lake Ladoga is the largest fresh water body in Europe and the second largest in Russia (after Lake Baikal), followed by Lake Onega. It is a part of the Atlantic Ocean Baltic Sea Basin. Despite the fact that the reservoir also affects the Leningrad Region, it is better to go on vacation on Lake Ladoga to the Republic of Karelia, because the most interesting and picturesque places are located there.

The depth of Lake Ladoga

average – 46.9 m, maximum – 230 m.

Lake bottom:

sand, fine stone

Water temperature in summer:

June – 13.8 degrees, July – 17.3 degrees, August – up to 24 degrees in shallow water

Nearest major cities:

Sortavala, Pitkyaranta, Lahdenpohja (from the Karelian side).

Lake Ladoga in Karelia

Things to do on Lake Ladoga in Karelia


“Green” tourism is widespread on the shores of Ladoga. Vacationers go here to leisurely contemplate the beauty of nature, go on short hikes in the coastal forests and mountains, listen to birdsong and just relax from the bustle of the city. There are many well-equipped and comfortable recreation centers, but travelers often choose to rest with tents on Lake Ladoga. Fans of eco-tourism also often visit Lake Vygozero in Karelia on their vacations.

The further north you drive, the fewer people you will meet along the way. The coastal zone is rocky, and therefore practically unpopulated. But even among the high cliffs there are secluded beaches where you can put up a tent and swim in crystal water. If swimming is not the main thing for you, then sit right at the top of the rocks, among the beautiful pines and birches. An incredible panorama will open up to you, and in the forests you can pick mushrooms and berries.

Beach vacation on Lake Ladoga

Lake Ladoga is called the fresh sea, so it is not surprising that many travelers come here for swimming and a beautiful tan. The highest air and water temperature is here in August, so choose the end of summer for relaxing on the beach. And don’t forget the sunscreen! If you want to sunbathe and swim in July, then go to Lake Topozero in Karelia.

The best beaches on Lake Ladoga:

  • The longest sandy beach on the Karelian coast of Ladoga starts from the mouth of the Tuloksa River and stretches 11 kilometers to the mouth of the Vidlitsa River. Better to go to the eastern part of this beach by the Tuloksa River to see the beautiful sand dunes. The religious monument Head of the Sea Devil is also located here.
  • A little further than the village of Ilyinsky, there are several sandy bays where you can put up a tent and relax on the shore. However, you will not find any hammocks or umbrellas here. But in Ilyinsky itself you can see the old chapel of the Iveron Icon of the Mother of God.
  • Another interesting place (however, it is located in the Leningrad part) is the Ladoga Park beach in the village of Kokkarevo. Here you will find an equipped promenade and a clean sandy beach with changing rooms and sun loungers.
  • If you want romance, then head to Osinovets Beach. Here you can swim and look at the beautiful old Osinovetsky lighthouse.
  • There are also beaches on almost all the islands in Lake Ladoga, but you need to get to them by boat.

Most of the beaches are located in the Eastern Ladoga area, so choose this direction for relaxing on the shore.

Lake Ladoga


If there is a place in Russia that every fisherman wants to visit, it is Lake Ladoga. There are 58 species and varieties of fish in its waters. Baltic sturgeon, Baltic salmon, Neva lamprey, sea eel sometimes enter Ladoga from the Gulf of Finland, but perch, bream, roach, smelt, pike, burbot, silver bream, whitefish, vendace and trout live in the lake all the time.

The best places for fishing are the skerries of Lake Ladoga (small islets, you can only get there by boat, go here from the Ladoga Skerries National Park) and Zagubskaya Bay.


More than forty rivers flow into Lake Ladoga, so rafting (boating down mountain rivers with rapids) and rafting are common here. You can order a rafting tour with a guide, gear and equipment in large cities near Ladoga.

There are many rocks along the lake, which were chosen by climbers. If you want to conquer the summit, then go to the Ladoga Skerries Park.

Numerous recreation centers on Lake Ladoga offer rental of hydro scooters, canoes, boats, boats, water skis and other equipment for water recreation.

Vacation on Lake Ladoga in Karelia


In the Karelian part of the Ladoga area, the most beautiful places and ancient buildings are located. If you want to learn more about the history of the Republic of Karelia then go to see the main attractions of Lake Ladoga:

  • Ladoga skerries and fjords. You can swim in Russian Norway as part of an excursion from the city of Sortavala.
  • Museum of the Northern Ladoga. The local history museum in a 19th century building will tell you the history of the lake and nearby settlements.
  • Valaam monastery. Incredibly beautiful temple complex on the Valaam island. Here you can also see the Ascension Chapel and other ancient religious buildings.
  • Olonetsky State Nature Reserve. A beautiful protected place with a beach and pure nature.

In the villages around the lake you can find ancient buildings, churches, bridges and places of power for Orthodox Christians.

Vacation on Lake Ladoga

Where to stay on Lake Ladoga

Lake Ladoga is replete with bases, guest houses and hotels. According to tourists’ reviews, the best of them are:

  • recreation center Kanapelka;
  • recreation center Lake Ladoga;
  • Kilpolansaari Tourist Centre;
  • Khutor Soromyaki;
  • Kurkieki Vacation Rentals and Homes
  • гguest houses “Удачный отдых” (“Udachniy Otdyh”).

If you are planning a vacation on Lake Ladoga with kids, then choose bases and guest houses near the city of Sortavala. So you do not have to go far from civilization, but at the same time you will enjoy all the beauties of Lake Ladoga.


Vacation on Lake Ladoga is an opportunity to admire the incredible beauty of Karelia, swim in the purest waters, visit protected places and historical monuments. Families with kids, youth companies, and avid fishermen can relax on the lake. And if you have not yet decided on which lakes in Karelia to visit, you can find the details in our article.


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