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In Singapore , built up with skyscrapers, there are not so many places that have preserved the remnants of the once lush jungle of a tropical island. All of these locations are now tourist attractions under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Environment, which maintains an army of gardeners.

Among the most charming green corners of the metropolis, National Orchid Park, which is located on the territory of the Botanical Garden, stands out; the vibrant palette of the Butterfly Garden cannot be ignored. And if you want to listen to birdsong and look at outlandish birds, then go to Jurong Park in Singapore .

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Orchid garden in Singapore

National Orchid garden in Singapore

Flowers, landscape and features of the Orchid Garden

Orchid Park in Singapore is one of the most amazing in the city. Its collection, the largest in the world, contains over 2,500 exotic flowers that grow comfortably under the equatorial sun on a gentle hillside. The tropical oasis is divided into zones according to the seasons. The Singapore Botanic Garden is an excellent place for photo shoots, as honeymooners often come here to take pictures among the delightful flowers. Special areas have been prepared for photography. There are many shady corners, pavilions, fountains.

Orchid Garden in Singapore for tourists

On the territory of the Orchid Garden in Singapore, there is a memorial VIP pavilion, where tourists admire the exclusive varieties bred in honor of famous politicians and representatives of royal families. Nearby lies an avenue of palm trees, nearby there is a ginger garden, where you will find a cozy restaurant. Of course, all the dishes on his menu are flavored with ginger.

The Orchid Mountain Trail in the park is an imitation of climbing a mountain that is dotted with these fragrant flowers and other plants: bromeliads, ginger, tropical rhododendrons, gesnerias and magnolias. On the trail you will see all the rich flora of the rainforest.

The area of the exposition has almost tripled since the beginning of its opening, as new species of plants and flowers growing in the tropics are constantly appearing in the park.

Cool House Sembcorp

The Cool House is located in the Singapore Botanic Gardens on an area of 260 square meters. It houses a huge collection of orchids from five biogeographic regions – Malaysia , Continental Southeast and South Asia, Australasia, Afrotropic and Neotropic.

The exposition imitates an alpine forest with elevations from 1000 to 2000 meters above sea level. The temperature in the “Cool House” is from 16 to 23 degrees Celsius. Here visitors can admire orchids, which are found only at high altitudes. These are Cymbidiums (Boat Orchids), Dendrochilums (Chain Orchids), Chirtochilums and Fragmipedium (Slipper Orchids). The creation of such zones is of great benefit in the study of floristry, as researchers can observe the flowers from the very beginning. In the wild, documentation of a species usually begins only after the orchid has bloomed.

There is also a modernized “fog house” by Tan Hoon Siang. It imitates a paleotropic garden at an altitude of 650 to 1000 m above sea level. At first, the orchid garden was 350 square meters, but then increased to 760. In this area, hybrid varieties of flowers are of particular value, which were grown by scientists from the laboratory of the National Orchid Park. Many of the flowers presented are unique and not found anywhere else in the wild.

The area of the exposition has almost tripled since the beginning of its opening, as new species of plants and flowers growing in the tropics are constantly appearing in the park.

National Orchid Garden in Singapore

Singapore National Orchid Garden Walkthrough Video

How to get to Singapore Orchid Garden and ticket prices

The National Orchid Garden is easily accessible by metro. You need to get off at the Botanic Garden station. Follow the signs and follow the signs through the World Heritage Site of the Botanical Gardens.

The entrance is free, but you need to pay 5 SGD to view Orchid Gardens, children under 12 do not need a ticket. You can walk here from 18:30 to 19:00, but tickets from 18:00 are no longer sold. It is better to arrive early, when the heat is not yet reigning, and there are not very many people.

Alley in the Singapore Orchid Garden

Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom in Singapore

A theme park inhabited by butterflies is located on the island of Sentosa . It is small, but lovers of beautiful Lepidoptera and other insects, armed with a camera, spend the whole day here.

Features of the Butterfly Park in Singapore

The Singapore Butterfly Garden and Insect Kingdom is covered with lush vegetation, and its insectarium is a kind of open-air greenhouse. More than 1,500 multicolored moths of fifty species, including very rare ones, flutter freely among visitors, as if in a real rainforest.

Sentosa Butterfly Park Singapore

Inside the butterfly park, reminiscent of a rainforest, hundreds of colorful insects fly freely, moving from flower to flower. Be sure to visit the House of the Dolls. Here you can get acquainted with the life cycle of a butterfly before it spreads its wings.

But not only butterflies and other insects are of interest to park visitors. Inside there is an aviary with colorful parrots. Bright birds live in flocks, and some of them can even imitate human speech. There is also an area in the park where you will see lizards, snakes and other reptiles.

The Museum of Insects is also open on the territory of the park. In it, history buffs will be able to trace the evolution of insects and see fossils that are several million years old. Performances are held twice a day in this area, which will further acquaint you with the history of the evolution of insects, birds and reptiles.

You can watch giant goliath beetles, formidable scorpions, huge centipedes and other insects in a 70-meter cave where the “Safari Tunnel” is hidden. In one of its special rooms, tourists are invited to admire the show of fireflies twinkling in the semi-darkness.

Butterfly Park in Singapore

How to get there and how much does a ticket to Butterfly Park cost

It is convenient to get to the Butterfly Park by buses, the routes of which are indicated on the transport schemes hung in the city with blue and green lines. A regular ticket will cost 16 SGD, for a child from 3 to 12 years old you will need to pay 10 SGD. Visits are available from 09:30 to 18:00.


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