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The shops of the Asian metropolis are full of temptations. Most shopping malls shine with shop windows on Orchard Road and its extension, Tanglin Road. In boutiques, friendly and smiling sellers are ready to show you everything and tell you everything, and while you are trying on a new outfit, they will competently tell you what to bring from Singapore as a gift.

Check this ultimate guide on souvenirs from Singapore; keep reading this post to get more ideas on gifts to bring back home, best gift shops to visit and other details.

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Shopping street in Singapore
Orchard Road

Traditional Asian souvenirs from Singapore

It is interesting to go shopping in small gift shops in the historic quarters of Singapore. There, travelers will find delicious dessert plates and dishes made from ocean clam shells, Filipino reed baskets and decorative lamps, lacquered Vietnamese trinkets, miniature Japanese masterpieces – fantastic bonsai compositions with toy trees, funny bone figures, tiny sewing kits with intimate letters of the size … In the Little India quarter, you will be offered sarees, the finest Kashmir silk, gems.

Souvenirs and gifts in Singapore at Little India
Little india

When choosing the best souvenir from Singapore for friends and family members, pay attention on sandalwood figurines and precious stones from Sri Lanka or on Malaysian crafts using the hammered Selangur brass technique. Mysterious Buddhas from Burma and Thailand, Korean caskets made of fragrant camphor wood are popular among tourists.

Modern centers and small shops offer wondrous goods from China, decorated with multicolored unbreakable cloisonne enamel. Fine lace tablecloths, napkins, paper lanterns, fans, pictures on silk and world-famous porcelain.

Souvenirs in Singapore's Chinatown

Chinese Gold Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the best souvenir. Chinatown salons sell spectacular rings, earrings, bracelets made of 24-carat yellow Chinese gold.

Their staggering variety will make your choice very difficult. An excellent purchase – real orchids, the beauty of which is preserved by spraying 22-carat metal on the petals. This miracle is sold in the form of earrings, pendants, tiaras.

Jewelry and souvenir shop in Singapore
Jewelry store with items made of gold and metals

Delicate gifts – softly shimmering freshwater pearls from Japan, fine Indian enamel, purple gold designer pieces. It owes its unique color to the addition of aluminum and palladium.

Fashionable clothing from local brands

Charming batik from Malaysia, Indonesia and local production with patterns depicting orchids, weightless Thai, Chinese silk, Indian fabrics can also be considered as a gift idea. The variety of shoes is impressive: from models of the most famous brands to very effective local designer shoes. In the local stores, at the great price you can purchase shoes made of snake and crocodile skin.

Gift and clothing stores in Singapore

Food souvenirs from Singapore

Singaporean cuisine is very diverse, but it is difficult to bring ready-made food as a souvenir. But Singapore’s signature coconut jam (also called kaya) is real! This delicacy is made from eggs and coconut milk.

Locals consider jam to be the perfect pairing to toast for breakfast. If you also love delicious natural sweets, then by all means buy such a jar as a present for yourself or your friends.

You can buy kaya in ordinary supermarkets, but if you want a truly natural and tasty product, then go to the markets or grocery stores. There is almost no analogue of this sweet: kaya is produced only in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Another sweet and quirky food souvenir from Singapore is durian. The fruit, which made the cuisine of Southeast Asia famous, is loved by many tourists. The Esplanade Art Center in Singapore even has a sculpture that resembles this fruit.

It will be difficult to bring durian himself from Singapore, since the fruit has a specific pungent smell, which is why the country’s authorities have banned the export of this delicacy. But in stores you can find jams, candies and other sweets with an exotic fruit flavor. Do you have friends who enjoy trying something new and different? Bring them some durian sweets as a treat!

Miniature Merlion Souvenirs

Merlion is half fish and half lion. The mythical creature has become not only a symbol of Singapore , but also the most famous landmark of the city. In the center there is a whole square dedicated to this mysterious creature.

Of course, entrepreneurial Singaporeans could not help but notice such an interest of tourists, and began to massively produce souvenir products with Merlion: badges, key chains, magnets, bottle openers, T-shirts and much more.

You can buy Merlion souvenirs everywhere, but locals recommend to go shopping in Singapore’s Chinatown. There, purchases will be cheaper than in more popular tourist places.

Singapore Tea from TWG

TWG is the most popular Singaporean tea brand. In the stores of this brand (which, by the way, are located in many countries all over the world), you can find more than 800 varieties of different teas and buy them as a souvenir.

But TWG is famous not only for its rich selection. In the brand’s salons, you can visit a real tea ceremony, buy related products for brewing a drink, sign up for a guided tasting tour, and even try tea-based dishes.

Prices for TWG products are high, but this is a luxury tea brand. As the locals assure, the quality absolutely justifies its price.

Tiger balm

It is a remedy that has been used for centuries in traditional medicine in Singapore for spasms and muscle pain. The ointment consists of herbs and has a completely natural composition. Over the decades of use, the balm has been loved by both locals and tourists. Many people note its effectiveness and buy in large quantities to take it home.

At first, tiger balm was only available as an ointment, but now you can buy cream, spray, serum and other products based on the product in pharmacies and shops in Singapore.

Be careful: what a tourist shouldn’t buy in Singapore

In souvenir shops, you will certainly come across handicrafts made from elephant tusks, for example, figurines depicting Chinese deities. Aged plastic is often hidden under the guise of ivory. They know how to forge jade and jadeite here. Buy items made of precious stones in specialized places, in advance require certificates of authenticity.

As you’ve may heard, Singapore is a country with a lot of rules and regulations, so it would be great for you to check what you should do and how you should behave in advance.

When exporting jewelry in excess of personal needs from the country, a special permit may be required. You will also need it if you are carrying antiques of historical importance, weapons, explosives, professional television equipment, or animals, birds.


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