Vietnamese Exotic Fruits: Must-Try List

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As one of the largest suppliers of exotic fruits in the world, Vietnam really impresses with their incredible variety and quantity. If you come to the local market, it is very easy to get confused. It is not surprising that many tourists, even before the trip, are interested in the question of what fruits are traditionally eaten in Vietnam and in what seasons.

Here is the list of must-try exotic Vietnamese fruits; learn more about seasonal fruits, such as popular jackfruit and longan, prices and more.

What fruits to try in Vietnam

What to Try: Common and Cheap Fruits

If mangoes, of which this country is a major exporter, can still be found in the supermarket, then there are fruits that will either not be there, or they will cost incredibly expensive.

Longan is among such exotics; in Vietnam it is sold from June to August, that is, all summer. This is a bunch of small fruits of light brown color with an inedible stone. They are very juicy, the flesh is almost transparent, and the taste is even difficult to describe – it is something between melon and grapes.

Fruit in Vietnam - longan
Vietnamese longan

Really unusual, very tasty and it is best to eat freshly picked fruits, just the same as they are sold in local markets. It is better to eat only ripe longans on the spot, and if you want to bring them home, it is better to choose with sourness – these are not yet ripe and will survive transportation.

By the way, as for the export of fruits from Vietnam, longan is one of the permitted ones. And in general, only durian, coconuts and, for some reason, watermelons are banned.

Unusual fruits of Vietnam - longan

The most unusual fruit in Vietnam – durian

Although it smells, to put it mildly, specific, so you need to eat it very quickly. The durian season in Vietnam is quite long – from May to November, so most tourists have the opportunity to check if it really looks like fruit and berry yogurt, as they say.

They choose it by smell – you need to smell the tail. The worse it smells, the tastier it will be. Durian is also tested in Vietnam by tapping with a stick – the sound should be gurgling.

The famous Vietnamese fruit Durian
durian fruit

The country’s main fruit is the jackfruit

When choosing which fruits to try in Vietnam, you definitely shouldn’t forget about it. It is also called the breadfruit and it is notable for the fact that it can be both a vegetable and a fruit! It all depends on the degree of maturity, so even if you buy an unripe jackfruit, you can not be upset, but cook it as a side dish.

In fact, it doesn’t taste like bread at all, more like a cross between melon, watermelon and bananas. If you want to try jackfruit in Vietnam, you need to come between January and May.

Vietnamese fruit Jackfruit
Ripe jackfruit (left)

Fruit season in Vietnam

In fact, the fruit season in Vietnam lasts all year round, so you need to focus more on which one you want to try. And so at any time there is something to feast on. That is, if you want to try the same breadfruit, you need to find out in which months the jackfruit grows, and so on.

Papaya and passion fruit, citron and pitahaya, guava and tamarind – you can try everything. If you want to save money, you need to buy seasonal fruits – they are always cheaper by almost half of their cost in the off-season. So the same avocado in Vietnam can be tasted very cheaply.

What fruits can be exported from Vietnam
passion fruit

How many fruits can be exported from Vietnam

Naturally, you always want to grab something delicious to go with you. In addition to those listed, there are no restrictions on the export of fruits, so you can take anything. How much? About five to seven kilograms, if we are talking about hand luggage.

Moreover, each fruit must be wrapped in paper and put in a special plastic box or basket, which are purchased in advance. According to the legislation, there are no restrictions on how much fruit can be exported from Vietnam. A small general recommendation is that all fruits should be bought in a slightly unripe form.


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