The city of Kampot in Cambodia: what is interesting for tourists

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Kampot Province is located in the southwest of Cambodia. Its main feature is 80 kilometers of the coastal zone of the Gulf of Thailand. The provincial capital is also called Kampot and is close to the foothills of the green Elephant Mountains and the famous peak of Bokor Hill. Those who are looking for a quiet holiday should go to Kampot in Cambodia: compared to the famous Sihanoukville, there are not so many vacationers here. Let’s figure out what other features the province has and how it can be interesting for tourists.

Kampot city in Cambodia

What to see in Kampot province: attractions

Luxurious Kep Beach, Rabbit Island and Bokor Hill are the most popular day trips travelers can take from Kampot in Cambodia. Prices for these tours are significantly lower than in the more popular Cambodian cities.

But these attractions are not the only ones that Kampot offers. Tourists can explore ancient temple ruins, caves, jungle trekking, bike tours, river cruises, island trips, fishing trips or secluded beaches, pepper plantation tours, bamboo train rides and incredible countryside scenery.

Most travelers come here to see the old French colonial architecture which is still in good condition. After that, tourists usually go to local beaches and islands.

Kampot Province in Cambodia

The province of Kampot is also famous for the quality of its fruits (durian, melons, coconuts and others) and the famous Kampot pepper. The special fresh climate, soil and centuries-old experience of local plantation owners make this hot pepper in demand among gourmets all over the planet.

Things to do in the provincial capital

The small town of Kampot in Cambodia stands on the Tuk Chhou River. From the capital to the coast exactly five kilometers. Fishing and agriculture are the main activities of the locals. Here, right on the streets, you can taste the freshest fruits. In the northern part of the city, 1.5 km from the center, there is the main metropolitan market with food stalls and shops with local street food.

All Kampot transport is concentrated in the center: motorbikes, fixed-route and regular taxis will take you to any part of the city from here.

Geographic location and climate of Kampot Province

The province of Kampot covers an area of 4,873 square kilometers. It is located in the southwest of the country and borders Kampong Spe in the north, Takeo in the east, Sihanoukville and Koh Kong in the west, and the Gulf of Thailand surrounds the city in the south.

In the east, Kampot is a flat area typical of Cambodia, planted with rice fields and other plantations.

To the west is the famous Bokor National Park and the Elephant Mountains, rich in lush forests and a huge variety of wildlife. The two highest points in the province are Bokor Hill at 1027 meters and another summit of the Bokor mountain range at 1050 meters. Some tourists consider the Kampot Mountains to look like sharp Vietnamese limestone cliffs.

The average annual temperature in Kampot is +30 degrees during the day and +25 at night. The best months to visit are January, December and August. During this period, the probability of precipitation is the lowest, and the number of sunny days is 15-19 per month. The rainiest months are September, October, March, April and May. It rains most of the month during these periods.

Kampot city in Cambodia

The sea in Kampot is warm all year round: 24-29 degrees Celsius.

Provincial economy

Kampot in Cambodia is not spoiled by tourists, so the basis of the economy here is agriculture. Local farmers export a huge amount of exotic fruits: coconuts, durians, mangoes and others.

But the main export product is Kampot pepper. It is grown only here, and then sent to almost all countries of the world. A kilogram of such pepper in Europe can cost from $ 100, and in the provinces it can be bought 20 times cheaper. The taste of pepper is not like other types. It has a bright and distinct aroma, but it is not as hot as chili or cayenne. Fresh Kampot pepper is especially appreciated, so be sure to try it if you go on vacation to the Kampot province!

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