Sightseeing tour on a red bus in St. Petersburg

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A sightseeing tour by bus around St. Petersburg is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the city and its main attractions. The red double-decker bus is a hop-on hop-off ride. What does it mean? The bus travels along a specific route or several routes, along its route there are the most significant sights of the city. You can get off at any stop and visit the place that interests you the most. Tickets, as a rule, are valid for a certain time: several days or a certain number of hours. You can get on and off on the route of the red double-decker sightseeing bus.

You can get off at one stop, walk to another and continue on the bus there again.

Ticket price for a sightseeing tour on a red bus around St. Petersburg

You can purchase a discounted ticket through the GetYourGuide website. The cost of the ticket will depend on its validity period. An audio guide is available in 13 languages.

During warmer months, you can also choose a boat trip to see the main attractions from the water.

You can buy tickets on the bus itself, right on the spot. You can buy a ticket for the sightseeing bus for one or two days.

The cost of tickets is different for citizens of the Russian Federation, the CIS and other countries.

The route of the sightseeing tour by bus in St. Petersburg

Sightseeing tours on a red tourist bus around St. Petersburg are carried out on two lines: red and green.

1. The green route starts from St. Isaac’s Cathedral . You will not find more of an Orthodox church in St. Petersburg. In addition to that, a breathtaking view of the city opens up from a height of 43 meters. Be sure to visit this place.

2. Next stop – Sphinxes . It appeared in the center of the northern capital in 1834. Napoleon began to instill a fashion for oriental colorful things in Europeans. Then, during his trip to Egypt, officer Muravyov was so impressed by the sculptures he saw, which were also put up for sale, that he sent a letter with a proposal to the emperor and received approval.

3. The next stop on the green route of the sightseeing tour of St. Petersburg is the Kunstkamera . Be sure to visit it if time permits. The entrance ticket is 600 rubles. Visitors have access to an anatomical study, Ethnographic expositions, History of the Kunstkamera and Russian science of the 18th century.

4. Spit of Vasilievsky Island

5. Peter and Paul Fortress . The main purpose of its construction is to protect against possible enemy attacks. For its intended purpose, it had never been used for the entire time since its construction; instead, the Peter and Paul Fortress acted as a prison for political prisoners.

6. The cruiser “Aurora” . The most famous ship that was launched in 1900. The construction of this ship took three years, the amount spent on its construction was 6 million rubles in gold.

7. Palace Embankment in St. Petersburg , which is considered the most famous embankment in the northern capital.

8. Admiralteyskaya embankment . An excellent place for a walk, albeit of a rather modest scale, there are only 8 houses here.

The route of the red tourist bus along the green line is 10 km, the sightseeing tour is designed for 1 hour. The first bus leaves at 10 in the morning, the next – at intervals of 20-40 minutes.

Sightseeing tour of St. Petersburg by bus on the red route

This tourist bus route has more stops along the way.

1. The bus starts moving from St. Isaac’s Cathedral a.

2. Admiralty . This building was conceived as a shipyard. Today the Admiralty is an architectural monument.

3. Nevsky Prospect, 3 .

4. Kazan Cathedral , which is one of the largest churches in St. Petersburg.

5. Bolshoi Gostiny Dvor (BGD) , from the beginning of the 20th century was a department store. An ideal venue for various events and exhibitions.

6. Anichkov Bridge – one of the most famous bridges in St. Petersburg, which connects the Spassky and Bezymyanny islands. Anichkov Palace – got its name in honor of the bridge, which is located nearby.

7. Vladimirsky prospect .

8. The area of the uprising .

9. Liteiny Prospect is the oldest highway in St. Petersburg, the length of which is about 2 km.

10. The House of the Eliseev Brothers Trade Association , also called the Eliseevsky Store, is one of the most beautiful buildings in St. Petersburg, made in the Art Nouveau style.

11. Arts Square.

12. The Great State Circus of St. Petersburg , which opened back in 1877 and is one of the oldest circus arenas in Russia.

13. Summer Garden – a park ensemble that occupies an entire island.

14. Palace Square Hermitage

15. Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood – a museum and an architectural monument. It was erected in memory of Alexander II, who was killed at the place where the temple was later erected.

16. Palace Embankment

17. Admiralteyskaya embankment .

It will take you one hour and twenty minutes to go around all these sights on a red tourist bus in St. Petersburg; the length of the red route is 14 km. The first bus leaves at 10 am, the last one leaves at 17.30. Buses leave at intervals of 15 to 25 minutes.

Do not neglect the audio guide, the descriptions of the passable places, compiled by historians, will help you get to know the history of the city better. You can also ask for a city map, which is handed out free of charge on the bus, to use when you walk on your own.


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