Money in Jordan: Best Currency to Take, How to Pay, Cash or Card (2024)

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Jordan’s currency is called dinars, abbreviated as JOD. What money to take with you on vacation to Jordan? Is cash or card better? Is it difficult to exchange? How to pay in shops, restaurants and other places?

Here is the only travel guide you need to check to get up-to-date information about money in Jordan; what currency to take, can you use USD, how much to take, where to exchange, tipping system, how to withdraw and other details for first timers.

Denomination of coins in Jordan

There are several nuances regarding the currency of Jordan, namely, the denomination of the coins. On the territory of Jordan, the so-called piastres are small coins. 1 JOD is equal to 100 piastres or 1000 fils (also called kirsch).

On the price tags, just a number can be indicated, without a denomination. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to check with the seller how much the goods cost.

Coins are issued in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 piastres. Banknotes are issued in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50. If possible, change large banknotes to smaller ones. They will make it easier for you to pay in small establishments.

Jordanian currency dinar

What is the best currency to take to Jordan

One of the popular questions among tourists is what kind of money is better to take with you when going on vacation to Jordan. It is best to travel with dollars, euro is a less common currency.

We can say about the Jordanian currency that it is stable, there are no sharp jumps in the exchange rate against other currencies. The calculation often takes place in the national currency, for tourist services you can pay in dollars.

There is no ban on the import of dinar into Jordan, therefore, if possible, you can exchange money for local currency before the trip.

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With what currency to go to Jordan

Cash or Card to Use in Jordan

In large cities, plastic cards are actively used to pay bills and purchases. But you may have difficulty in small establishments that accept only debit cards or cash for payment.

In the outback and small towns it is not always possible to use an ATM, so when leaving the city, take both cash (local currency and dollars) and a card with you.

There are can be some hidden fees for cashing out at an ATM, also check the daily limit on the card with your bank before traveling. Banks in Jordan have signs indicating which cards are accepted. The most common card is Visa, followed by MasterCard.

When paying by card at a hotel, restaurant, you may additionally be charged a commission of 5% of the amount. Therefore, it is more convenient to have cash with you.

All payments in the country are made in dinars, so in any case, the currency will have to be changed.

You can exchange currency in Jordan in banks and exchange offices. You can also find currency exchange points at the airport; almost every hotel offers such a service to vacationers. Change money in banks in major cities – for example, in Amman, Aqaba, Irbid and others.

It is recommended to change money on the territory of the hotel only as a last resort: the rate is unlikely to be profitable there. The same can be said about small towns.

Several exchange offices may be nearby and offer exchange at different rates. Keep this in mind and find out the current rate in advance. Before leaving, change local currency for dollars in one of the banks.

If you decide to do this at the airport, then there you can exchange money in shops, at an unfavorable rate.

Jordanian dinars for tourists

Do you need to leave a tip?

Jordan has a tipping system. In the service industry, salaries are usually small, so tips make up the majority of the salary. Moreover, they are left not only to cafes or restaurants, but everywhere.

You can tip the taxi driver, round up the amount for the trip or ask to leave change, tip the guide, given that you pay for the tour separately. The tip can be up to 10 dinars, depending on the service. Tipping hotel staff is 1 dinar.

Duty Free system in Jordan

Jordan has great duty free shops. By making a purchase in a store labeled Premier Tax Free, you can get a full sales tax refund.

If you spent 350 JD or more and plan to leave the country within 90 days, then be sure to keep your receipts, you can return 16% of the tax right at the airport by filling out the relevant documents. The money will be returned to your card.

Duty free shops can be found at Queen Alia Airport and next to the Century Park Hotel in Amman. If you are traveling to Israel, there are also a few small duty-free shops at the border.

Hotel with Duty-Free in Jordan
There are Duty-Free shops near the hotel.

Is it possible to bargain?

You can bargain and ask for a concession, but don’t expect too much discount. Bargaining acts more as an element of social exchange than as a means to obtain a discount.

Here it is important to know and follow the unspoken rules of shopping in Jordan, so as not to offend the seller and be satisfied with the purchase.

How much money to take with you

And finally, the last question is how much money to take to Jordan. Everything here is purely individual. Someone is enough for 7-10 days and 200 dollars; but lovers of shopping, this amount will seem modest.

If you purchase an all-inclusive tour, then, of course, you can get by with minimal costs. For greater convenience, we have compiled a small (approximate) plan with daily expenses.

Budget : less than 40 dinars per day

Shared room in guesthouse: JD10–40
Visiting and shopping at local markets: up to JD5
Public transport: JD5

Budget : 40–120 dinars per day

Double room in a 2-3-star hotel: JD40–90
Meals at local restaurants: JD5–10
Car rental: JD50
Tickets for entry / sightseeing without a guide: JD10

Budget : over 120 dinars per day

Double room in a five-star hotel: from JD90
Buffet lunch / dinner: from JD15
Car rental: JD120
Guided tours: JD50

Jordan Currency FAQ

Can I use US dollars in Jordan?

Even though in many places there will be no problems using US dollars, its better to have dinars.

Should I exchange money before I travel to Jordan?

Actually you can do this without any problems upon arrival. You can exchange at the airport, but commissions there are usually very high. Its better to go to bank or exchange services are available in most hotels in Jordan.

Can I use my debit card in Jordan?

It most cases in Jordan its better to have cash with you. Card payments are accepted in luxury hotels, restaurants, but for other places cash is the only option.

How much do you tip in Jordan?

Its highly appreciated if you leave tips in Jordan, but its not required. If you don’t want to offend someone, then give 10% as a tip.
Tipping applies not only to cafe and restaurants, but can be given to the hotels employees, for them its okey to give 1-2USD daily.

Does Jordan have ATMs?

Yes, there are plenty of ATMs around the country, some of them can have some hidden fees. But, of course, if you’re going to visit such places like Wadi Rum, some ruins and ancient castles in desert, make sure that you have enough cash in advance.

Is MasterCard accepted in Jordan?

Yes, MasterCard, Visa and American Express are accepted in many places, including big shops, top-end restaurants and hotels.
But make sure you have enough cash to use it in some small places, where cash payment is the only option.


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