Best Jordan Prepaid Sim Cards for Tourist (Internet Offers 2024)

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Stay connected while visiting Jordan – one of the Middle East countries. Mobile communications and internet in Jordan are provided by three main operators: Orange, Zain, and Umniah. Check this ultimate travel guide on Jordan best prepaid sim cards and internet for tourists, learn more about where to buy sim cards, are there free wifi spots and other important details for first time visitors.

Jordan Prepaid Sim Card Coverage

In Jordan, tourist sim cards work smoothly, but there might be coverage difficulties in some areas.

For example, on the territory of Wadi Rum desert and other distant sights of Jordan or somewhere in high mountainous areas, communication interruptions may occur.

Before choosing Jordan prepaid sim card you need to identify what’s more important for you: coverage or speed.

If the best coverage is important factor for you, Orange Jordan is the evident choice. It has very good 4G/LTE coverage.

When it comes to the high internet speed, it’s better to choose Umniah provider.

Where and how to buy a SIM card in Jordan

If you need to buy local SIM card in Jordan, you will need a passport and unlocked phone.

All the information about Jordan sim cards data packages, conditions, payments terms can be found on websites. Each mobile operator has English-language website version you can check.

You can replenish the balance in the same place where you bought tourist SIM card. Be ready to pay an additional 16% tax when topping up.

You can buy Jordan eSim here on Airalo.

Mobile communication and Internet in Jordan

Jordan Prepaid Sim Card in Queen Alia International Airport

Upon arrival to Amman airport, you can choose the best prepaid sim card in accordance with your needs: including unlimited data, international minutes or data only packages with data valid for required period of time.

It is convenient because at Queen Alia International Airport you can find sales points for three Jordan telecom operators and choose the appropriate data plans.

Be ready to spend a couple of dollars more for Jordan prepaid sim card bought at the Queen Alia International Airport.

But it is clearly a good deal, since you don’t have to spend time looking for Orange, Zain or Umniah stores somewhere in the capital city, while remaining disconnected.

Buy local sim cards from phone shops

If you’re going from Amman airport to the central regions, there are a large number of mobile phone shops, where you can buy prepaid Jordan SIM card. The main advantage of small phone shops is their working schedule.

Visit official mobile operator shop

But it is better to buy a SIM card for Jordan in large official stores with more attractive prices. It can be the option for you to buy tourist sim card this way if, for example, the information about data and limits is really overwhelming.

So, it’s easier for you to visit local shop and choose the best Jordan sim card right at the place.

Book prepaid sim card in Jordan online

If you want to start using your cell phone right upon landing at Queen Alia International Airport, it’s better to think about e sim cards.

Such tourist sim will allow you to avoid any husstle and busstle, all you need to do is just to choose the best data packages that suit your needs and activate your sim card upon arrival. Check esim Jordan section for more details or make your booking here.

Jordan Prepaid Sim Card Providers and Tariffs

Orange Jordan Sim Card

Orange – Jordan mobile operator affiliated to French Telecom. There can be different opinions about the service quality it offers. Before bying tourist sim from Orange Jordan its better to take a look at the coverage map on the official website.

Currently, Orange, Jordan offer four types of prepaid sim card with different data packages.

  • 12 GB + Extra 5 GB, 6.59 JOD ($9): unlimited local minutes & SMS, 30 days.
  • 17 GB + Extra 10 GB, 7.24 JOD ($10): unlimited local calls & SMS.
  • 25 GB + Extra 10 GB, 8.56 JOD ($12): unlimited local minutes & SMS.
  • 35 GB + Extra 10 GB, 9.87 JOD ($14): unlimited local and international minutes.
Features of the Internet in Jordan

Umniah: offers 5 tourist SIM card

Umniah provider has similar packages in terms of what’s included but different data amount.

10 GB, unlimited local minutes, 6 JOD (8.46 USD) – month

5 GB, unlimited local minutes, 6 JOD (8.46 USD) – month

45 GB for 9 JOD (12.69 USD) – month

60 GB for 9 JOD (12.69 USD) – month.

Zain SIM card

At the moment mobile operator Zain Jordan has three tourist sim offers.

New Visitors line

Price: 20 JOD/month ($28.19): 50 GB internet traffic, 1000 minutes to Zain and other local networks, 50 minutes international calls.

Weekly visitors line

6 JOD ($8.46) = 12 GB, 15 international minutes, 20 local minutes, validity – 7 days.

Zain Jordan International Line

10 JOD ($14.10) = 20 GB, free international minutes, 20000 within Zain network, validity – month.

Zain Jordan has quite good coverage and speed: you can easily watch videos on your mobile device. In rare cases, the speed may drop in the evening. There is the possibility of distributing the Internet to other mobile gadgets.

How Airalo Esim Jordan Works

To use esim Jordan was never so easy. Just go to app store and download Airalo, go through the registration process, choose the country and the best data plan, make your payment and enjoy the advantages of digital sim card in Jordan.

Esim Jordan

Enjoy all the advantages of using Esim. Jordan main operators have enough data options that will suit your needs. You can buy tourist sim in advance, like you’ll do with any other types of online shopping.

If you’re looking for the best esim Jordan, then check Airalo website. There are two types of top-up packages, 1 GB (6.5 USD) – data valid for 7 days, 3 GB (18 USD), data valid for 30 days.

If you’re planning to visit several countries in the Middle East or Africa, no need to buy prepaid sim card for each of them.

You can choose esim, Jordan being one of the 15 following countries: Egypt, Bahrain, Iran, Israel, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, UAE.

Price starts from 15 USD (1 GB) – data valid during 7 days, another options are for 15 days (2 GB) – 28 USD, 39 USD (3 GB) – data valid during 30 days.

If you need more data there is an opportunity to top-up the credits.

Internet and Wi-Fi Features

When buying local SIM card, you must immediately contact the seller to carry out all the necessary settings. Connection doesn’t happen automatically, so the seller’s consultation is required.

SIM cards in Jordan for tourists

Public wifi

In all tourist areas in Jordan you can find free Wi-Fi – in hotel lobbies, restaurants and cafes, as well as public places. If you’re looking for free mobile internet, visit Starbucks, Che Che, Gloria Jeans store.

However, many travelers complain about insufficient speed and quality.

In some places public wifi can be used for additional fee, in some cafes and restaurants the price can reach up to 5 dinars.

So if you would like to go to a cafe or restaurant with a goal to use wi-fi, it’s better to clarify in advance whether it is available and if it’s free or not. It also happens that you also have to pay seaparately for internet at the hotel.


In Jordan, different types of sockets are used: D, G, J, and also F. However, more often than not, it is non-standard types that have three pins. If you need an adapter, you can ask for it at the hotel reception, or purchase it at the nearest supermarket.

International calls

Nowadays, there are different ways to stay connected with family and friends, for most of them you need just stable internet connection. Roaming fees are extremely high to make international calls.

If you still need to call abroad, the best option is Weinak card provided by Orange, Jordan. Data valid for 60, 80 and 180 days.

Roaming in Jordan


How good is the Internet in Jordan?

Internet works fine in many Jordan regions except of mountanious areas and remote desert places.

Is there free WiFi in Jordan?

You can use free wifi in many cafes, restaurants and hotels around Jordan.

Is internet fast in Jordan?

Yes, Internet is fast enough in Jordan with Umniah provider being the best option if you’re looking for the fastest internet connection.


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