TOP 14 Things to Do in Port Louis, Mauritius 2023

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Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius. This is a small town with a long history, named after the French ruler Louis XV. Port Louis is located in a very picturesque place in Mauritius: on the one hand, it is washed by the warm Indian Ocean, on the other, it is surrounded by majestic mountains.

There are plenty of things to do in Port Louis in Mauritius. This city is the center of the cultural, economic and administrative life of Mauritius, so tourists have something to see here.

Here is the list of 14 best tourist attractions to visit in Port Louis; keep reading to learn more about what to do and places to visit in the capital city for first timers.

This guide doesn’t include recommendations to visit Port Louis beaches simply because there are many other places around the island for perfect beach vacation.

14 Things to Do in Port Louis, Mauritius

1. Le Caudan Waterfront shopping street

A small shopping street with shops, cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops in the very center of the capital city. This is where the guests of Port Louis go in the first place: to buy gifts home, try national dishes of Mauritius and just have fun.

Le Caudan Waterfront is located on the promenade, which offers a gorgeous view of the yachts and the water surface. There are fountains and playgrounds, so the street is also suitable for tourists with children.

The price on the tourist street is not low (both in shopping centers and restaurants), but this is compensated by nice views. At the beginning of the route is the Blue Penny Museum. Most outdoor places are closed on Sunday.

What to see in Port Louis
Photo by Antionette Van der Walt

2. Mount Le Pouce

This mountain is the third tallest one in Mauritius island. Among other hiking trails in Mauritius, the one offered by Le Pouce is considered to be the easiest.

You can climb to the top in 50 minutes if you are in comfortable shoes and well prepared physically. There are several trekking routes, it is impossible to get lost along the way if you do not go off the path.

It is better to climb during daylight hours. From Mount Le Pouce, a 360-degree view open up: you can see all the beauties of the island capital.

Things to do in Port Louis
Photo by jonathan wozz

3. Port Louis Central Market

This place, also known as Port Louis Bazaar, is a must visit attraction. Here, travelers can buy Mauritius souvenirs, cosmetics, clothes, beach accessories, and most importantly, the freshest seafood, fish and tropical fruits.

Port Louis Central Market has several cafes, tents with street food. Here you can prepare your purchased products.

Once visiting this place, you have to try almond alouda – drink with milk and tapioka. Port Louis is the shopping capital of Mauritius.

There are many shopping centers and markets where you can buy both local and European goods from economy to luxury class.

If you would like to join Port Louis Street Food tour, visit local markets and discover local culture through the food, click here to make your reservation.

Places to visit in Port Louis
Photo by Isabelle Decotter

4. Aapravasi Ghat Historical Museum

Museum-fortress dedicated to the abolition of slavery in colonial Mauritius and known as Immigration depot. Some of the buildings have survived from the time of the colonizers, inside most of the buildings there are expositions with household items of that time.

You can book a guided tour (for an additional fee) or explore the sights on your own. Due to its historical value, this place was granted a status of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006.

What to see in Port Louis, Mauritius

5. Citadel Fort Adelaide

All lovers of panoramic photos should climb here. The view from the citadel opens up to the entire capital of the island. Its better to plan your visit to Citadel Fort Adelaide early in the morning, before there not so many visitors.

This is one of the historical places to visit in Port Louis and its get very crowded in period from December to March.

Walls of the citadel are made from stones, its a great place to “touch” the history of the island. Its important to note, that entrance fee to Citadel is accepted only in Mauritian Rupee.

Photos are allowed at Fort Adelaide, so make sure you’ve captured this place to share them later with friends and family.

6. The Champ de Mars Racecourse

If you love horse racing or want to spend an evening in Mauritius as a VIP, then come to this hippodrome. The first race in Champ de Mars took place in 1812.

If you would like to become a witness of such an event, plan your visit to Mauritius island from April till November. This event is not simply about horse racing, its a ceremony.

It is mandatory to follow the dress code for men and women: beachwear and shorts are not allowed. You can place a bet and receive your winnings right there.

But even if you are not a gambler, you will be interested. All bohemia of Port Louis gathers at the races. At the hippodrome you can drink wine and have a bite to eat in the restaurant.

7. Blue Penny Museum

Nice building in colonial style. The museum tells about the history of Mauritius when it was a colony, so its one of the popular places to visit in Port Louis.

Many stamps are presented in the museum, some of them issued by Mauritius Post Office in 1847. There are several exhibition rooms, devoted to different periods in the history of the country.

If you’re interested not only in visual exploration of museum, but would like to gain new knowledge, you can ask for a guided tour for addidtional fee. Also, please note, that its not allowed to take pictures in the museum.

8. Chinatown

You can find Chinatown area almost in any country’s capital all over the world. Mauritius island is no exception to this rule.

Located in the capital of the country and occupying the territory of only 500 metres along the famous Royal street, Chinatown is one of must-visit places in Port Louis.

District has a lot of shops with Chinese souvenirs, porcelain, tea and herbs. There are also many cafes with traditional Chinese food, as well as markets with cheap fruits and vegetables.

This area is full of visitors all year round, but its recommended to come here in May, during Food and Culture Festival.

Chinatown in Port Louis

9. Indian temple Kaylasson

Mauritius is a multinational state and among other things to do in Port Louis can be visit to some religious sites. Along with buildings of French architecture, Arab mosques, Asian pagodas and Hindu temples coexist here.

The most interesting of the latter is Kaylasson Temple. Entrance to the temple is free. Nearby is a beautiful square with monuments and statues of Indian deities.

The idea behind the organization of the temple is very interesting: there 6 stations for you to stop and each of them symbolizes human’s body organs.

This way, everyone entering this temple is expected to be respectful to this place as you respect your body.

10. St. Louis Cathedral

This is one of the oldest churches you can find in Mauritius island. It was destroyed and rebuilt several times. There were periods in the history of this church when it served as warehouse, it was during the war in 1756.

Cathedral was completely reconstructed in 2007. Even though the building itself was repeatedly renovated, inside the church you’ll see many paintings and statues, frescoes dated back to the times when cathedral appeared in Port Louis for the first time.

Also, pay attention to altar, which dates back to early 1800s.

11. Odysseo Aquarium in Mauritius

Being in the capital of the Mauritius island, you should visit this attraction. You’ll have a chance to see many marine creatures, from small and colourful fish to huge and intriguing sharks.

Don’t miss an opportunity to check and learn about different eco-systems and their inhabitats. From lagoons and forests to the life of invertabrates, there are so many things to discover.

You’re offered to visit shark encounter or you can even stay for a night to sleep with those mystical marine creatures.

For those curious, there is an opportunity to feed rays. With 45 aquariums, 200 species and 3500 speciments no one will be bored.

Things to do in Port Louis

12. Kwan Tee Pagoda

Port Louis as Mauritius island in general is the place where many nations and confessions are successfully coexist. Being in the capital of the country, don’t miss a chance to visit one of the oldest pagoda in Mauritius – Kwan Tee.

It was built in accordance with the main laws of spirituality. Even though it is located almost in the center of pretty busy and noisy town, it is still really nice place for meditation.

In the gardens that surround the pagoda there are many coconut trees growing together with other fruit trees.

13. Jummah Masjid Mosque

Another place worth visiting in Port Louis is Jummah Masjid Mosque. Its important to note, that mosque building is the best sample of mixture of several architectural styles.

So, all you need to do is just to pay attention to details. As the result, you may notice some elements that are typical for Indian, Creole and Islam decorations. This mosque is the active one, so its open to public visitors, but please make sure you don’t come during praying time.

14. Natural History Museum

If you would like to discover the flora and fauna of Mauritius, one of the things to do in Port Louis is visit to Natural History Museum. You’ll have a chance to see replicas of some species that are endemic for the island.

If you’re interested in marine life, then you’ll be very excited to see and learn more about rays, sharks, dolphins and other creatures. The very nice and pretty bonus of this section is the selection of seashells of different sizes and unique shapes.

Move on to the next room with collection of butterflies and different insects is presented. Also, some of the species you’ll see in museum can be meet in wild nature in one of nature parks and reserves in Mauritius.

From the capital of Mauritius, you can drive to the most popular resorts on the island or book a sightseeing tour by helicopter to the Le Morne Braban underwater waterfall .

Port Louis in Mauritius
Les fortifications Vauban

There are two mountain parks near the city. They will interest lovers of mountaineering and hiking. There are trails for trekking in the parks for different levels of training.


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