List of Beaches Near Port Louis, Mauritius (2024)

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Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius island and it will be the first place you’ll see, once landing in the airport. There are many things to do and see, especially if you’re a big fan of shopping. Many people come here from Europe to buy products from well known brands that are several times cheaper on the island.

You’ll remember your visit to Le Caudan, as there you can buy souvenirs and gifts from Mauritius for your friends and family. Also, don’t forget to visit famous Fort Adelaide and check other places that will tell you about the colonial history of Mauritius.

Its better to create a plan in advance on how you would like to spend time in Port Louis. For sure, you’d like to check Port Louis beaches upon your arrival. So, let’s see what this town can offer you. 

Check this ultimate guide on best beaches near Port Louis; keep reading to learn about places you can visit to enjoy beach vacation near the capital city of Mauritius island.

Even though in Port Louis you can find many attractions, the capital of the island cannot boast with white and soft sandy beaches from the postcards. But some of the cool Port Louis beaches are located pretty close to it or within a 30-40 minutes drive, so they will also be included in this guide. 

Bain Des Dames 

There will be a lot of controversial reviews about this public beach. Some will say that this is a great place where you find some tranquility and enjoy the calmness, while others will say that it’s not so bad to spend one day there.

There is a parking lot there, if you’ve decided to travel around the island by car. But this place is definitely not the best option if you’re planning to enjoy swimming. It is located near the harbor, and there are always many ships on the horizon. Coastline itself is full with small fishing boats. Also, locals and fishermen said that sharks were noticed there. You should also know that there are not so many trees on the beach to hide from sunlight. 

Location on the map.

Port Louis Beaches

Albion Public Beach 

Another place on the map of Port Louis beaches is Albion. Geographically, it is located 25 minutes drive to the west from the capital of the island. Describing this beach it can be said that there are many other places that are great for swimming, but this one is also worth visiting.

If you’re looking for some romantic places to visit during your honeymoon in Mauritius – this is one of the ideal options. Just take a look at the lighthouse situated on rocks. The most curious can go there for a tour, to find out more about the operation of the lighthouse.  

There are lifeguards at the place, toilets and showers are also available. 

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Port Louis Albion Beach

Pointe aux Sables 

This very small public beach is located 25 minutes drive to the west from Port Louis. It’s easily accessible by bus. Beachline is not very long, in some places there are many rocks, and trees that grow very close to the ocean. This is one of the fishing spots, where you can try offshore fishing. 

You can try swimming at this beach, but be ready to go through the range of rocks first. If you have enough time, wait for sunset there. Spectators say, this is something really fantastic. Not far from the beach, along the coastline there are several restaurants with local Mauritius food you must try.  

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Prison Beach 

The first recommendation you can see about this beach is that you should wear special shoes, because the sand is not so fine. There are trees growing in some places along the coastline that create natural shade, so you can enjoy your time there. This is one of Port Louis beaches located very close to the center of the capital, just 9 km to the west. If you’re traveling by car, its also very convenient as there is parking right near the beach. And the beach itself is located very close to the road. On the map.

Beaches in Port Louis, Mauritius

Le Goulet 

This beach is less known among visitors, but that doesn’t make it unworthy of attention. This is a very nice and calm place with a lot of lush greenery hiding this beach from many curious eyes. At this spot you’ll see many fishermen, who try to catch something right from the rocks. On the map.


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