Best Mauritius National Food to Try in 2023

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The national cuisine of Mauritius is a multifaceted mixture of French, African, Asian and Indian cuisines. It acquired such diversity due to the fact that at different times the island was inhabited by different migrants and colonialists, and now Mauritius is economically and culturally connected with France. The basis of the cuisine is rice, fish and seafood, tropical fruits, vegetables and noodles.

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For authentic traditional Mauritian food, head to local food markets or small cafes in non-tourist areas.

Here is the list of the most popular Mauritian local food, as well as places to visit to enjoy national dishes.

Mauritian cuisine

Mauritian Cuisine: Where to Try National Food

Central market of Port Louis

In the capital’s market, you can buy fresh and cooked seafood, fruits and national drinks. You can have a bite to eat all of these right on the market: among the malls there are food courts with tables. It is better to go to the market by nine in the morning, so you will avoid crowds of tourists. Address: Corderie Street, Port Louis, Mauritius.

Rose Hill Market

Not so crowded, but also an interesting market in Mauritius. You can buy there almost everything: from the freshest and fried squids to souvenirs and cosmetics, make sure to visit it on your honeymoon in Mauritius, it will be great experience. There are 4 cafes with national dishes on the territory of the market. Works every day. Address: Bau Bazi Rose Hill, Mauritius.

Flacq Market

Another food market with seafood, meat, fruits, spices. All this can be bought at affordable prices and cooked right there. The market is open on Wednesdays and Sundays. Address: Central Flacq, Mauritius.

Escale Creole Restaurant

Cajun and Creole cuisine of Mauritius. Large selection of seafood dishes, a variety of cocktails. There is a menu for vegetarians. The restaurant is open only during the day – until 15:45. Address: Bois Cheri Road Only On Booking, Moka, Mauritius 80804.

Sunshine Fusion

The best restaurant in Poste Lafayette. Mauritian cuisine is presented here in all its diversity. The menu is a fusion of Indian, Asian and Creole cuisines. It works every day from 11:00 to 22:00. Address: Coastal Road, Poste Lafayette, Mauritius.

At Linda’s Place

The best restaurant in Calodyne. Suitable for tourists with children, as there is a playground with a sandbox nearby. The colorful interior of the restaurant is combined with its menu – everything is done in a traditional Mauritian style. Works with a break: from 12:00 to 15:00 and from 18:00 to 21:30. Address: Route royale, Calodyne, Grand Gaube, Mauritius 742CU001.

Mauritius Cuisine Dishes

Top 5 Mauritian dishes to try

  1. Biryani. A fragrant spicy dish that came to Mauritius from India. Biryani is rice served with meat, vegetables or fish. All this is generously seasoned with traditional Indian spices. Tourists call the dish a local variation of pilaf. And Mauritians prepare biryani for family celebrations and gala dinners. You can try the dish in cafes and markets.
  2. Puri. Ideal for those who used to eating on the go. Puri are Mauritian hot or cold sandwiches. The basis for them is prepared from vegetable flour, and as a filling they use fish platter, salad from local vegetables or meat. All this is poured with a spicy hot sauce. Experienced travelers advise trying national food puri with fish. In their opinion, this version of the sandwich is the most delicious.
  1. Sauce Vindaye. The basis of most dishes in Mauritius. They season fish, seafood and octopus. The sauce consists of mustard, vegetable oil, ginger, garlic, onion and green pepper. You can buy the sauce in the markets or try the Vindaye octopus at the Escale Creole restaurant.
  2. Alouda. A Mauritian national dessert made from agar-agar, milk and spices. Alouda is available in sweet and sweet-spicy varieties. The second option is considered a traditional one. You can buy alouda at street food stalls.
  3. Palm heart or palm cabbage salad. The second name of the dish is the salad of millionaires. Despite its name, it is inexpensive and sold in street food stalls. Oil and smoked fish are usually added to palm cabbage.

If you want to try some delicacy, then pay attention to sea urchins. They are considered very healthy and tasty. Locals eat these marine creatures raw, seasoning with lime juice.

National dishes of Mauritius

Oysters, squids, octopuses, shrimps, lobsters, crabs – all this variety can be found in every food market in Mauritius. If you want to save money, then buy fresh seafood from vendors in the markets and ask them to cook them in street tents. It will come out just as tasty as in expensive restaurants, but several times cheaper.


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