Trou aux Cerfs Dormant Volcano in Mauritius: Travel Guide 2024

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Trou aux Cerfs dormant volcano, also known as Murr’s Volcano is one of the popular tourist attractions in Mauritius island. This volcano was active 2 million years ago and scientists believe that it can become active again in the upcoming century. When thinking about volcanoes you imagine desert landscapes and lack of any type of life. Trou aux Cerfs is absolutely different and it is one of the greatest hiking trails in Mauritius

Check this ultimate travel guide about Trou aux Cerfs dormant volcano in Mauritius island; get more details on how to visit, what to see and do, how to get there and other useful information for first timers.

About Trou aux Cerfs

Trou aux Cerfs or Murr’s volcano is located in the central part of Mauritius island, just 1 km from Curepipe city. Dead volcano crater is located on the height of 605 meters above sea level, with 100 meters depth and 350 meters diameter. 

Trou aux Cerfs, Mauritius
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Volcano Trou aux Cerfs is very “green”, meaning that its slopes are covered by trees and bushes. It’s interesting to note that the greenery growing here is distinguished by its splendor and color saturation. And in the bottom of the volcano’s crater you can see a lake with fresh water. 

  • Entrance to the dormant volcano is absolutely free and can be accessible 24-hours.
  • On the map: link

How to Get There

From Port Louis or any major city in Mauritius, you can drive to Curepipe. Once you’re in Curepipe, follow the signs directing you to Trou aux Cerfs. The volcano is easily accessible by road, and there’s parking available nearby. There are several ways to access Trou aux cerfs, all of them you can find on the map. 

Things to do

Famous Mauritius dormant volcano Trou aux Cerfs is a very interesting place to explore. From its top you can enjoy the fascinating view not only of Curepipe city but of Port Louis and Les Trois Mamelles mountains. 

Around the crater there is a track, so you can enjoy walking and observing the surroundings. It’s a very popular place for jogging, if you come here early in the morning you’ll meet many locals. So, if you are in the mood for a pleasant conversation while doing some exercises, then you’re in the right place. If you have a chance you can come to Trou aux Cerfs in the afternoon and enjoy the sunset with cool panoramic views. 

If you would like to join the Mauritius South West day tour and visit Trou aux Cerfs, Alexandra falls and other iconic landmarks, click here to make your reservation.

Trou aux Cerfs - dormant volcano
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Those keen on explorations and adrenaline-seekers can go to the bottom of the crater. It can be dangerous, as the slopes are rather slippery. Local government tried to make the descending more safe for tourists and in 2014 created a special path. But nature had its own plans and very soon this path for curious visitors simply disappeared by being covered by greenery. 

You can also visit dormant volcano on behalf of day-tour. The advantage of such an offer is that you don’t have to worry and think about your transportation. You can visit four places during 7 hours for 112 USD – reasonable price for a full day of entertainment.

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What is the story of Trou aux Cerfs?

It is believed that once last time this volcano errupted about 700000 years ago and now it is not active. But, according to the scientists erruption can happen again in upcoming century.

How far is Trou aux Cerfs walking?

1500 step route with almost no elevation, so it’s quite easy and pleasant to walk.

Is Trou aux Cerfs active?

No, currently it is not active and worth exploring. You’ll be surprised to see such an abundance of bright greenery.

Can you swim in Trou aux Cerfs?

Even though there is freshwater in the bottom of the lake, it’s not allowed to swim there, due to very silty bottom.

What’s the best way to see Trou aux Cerfs?

You can rent a car or take a taxi to go to the place. This location is also included in the itinerary of many day tours in the southwestern part of Mauritius island. By joining one of them, you can visit many other touristic spots in 8 hours. Don’t be afraid, such tours are not boring or overwhelming. You can follow the link to get more information and reserve your seat.



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