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Many tourists believe that food in Malaysia is expensive, because this country is associated with Formula 1, luxury hotels, snow-white beaches, vibrant nightlife in Kuala Lumpur – where budget restaurants and dishes can come from here. But is it really so?

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Food prices in Malaysia

The cheapest way to buy food in Malaysia is in small cafes or food courts in shopping centers. If you want to try national dishes, then go to the markets where you can buy either a ready-made version or purchase products that will be prepared for you there. In the markets and in small cafes, the cost of dishes is lower than in Thailand.

Food prices in Malaysia

Prices in cafes and shopping centers in Kuala Lumpur:

  • noodles with beef balls and soy sauce – 12 ringgit;
  • tom yum soup – 10 ringgit;
  • cinnamon bun, rich – 9 ringgit;
  • sheep meat kebab – 18 ringgit;
  • rice with scrambled eggs and teriyaki chicken – 9 ringgit.

Prices in the markets and cafes of Langkawi:

  • rice with shrimp – 12 ringgit;
  • chicken skewers – 15 ringgit;
  • fried potatoes – 3 ringgits;
  • dim sum (Chinese dumplings, 6 pieces) – 5 ringgit;
  • fish soup – 15 ringgit.
Горящие туры

1 ringgit is equal to 16 rubles. In total, in the market or in an inexpensive cafe you can have a hearty and delicious three-course meal for 40 ringgit (640 rubles).

In the beach resort of Langkawi , food prices are among the highest. Neighboring islands (such as Penang ) sell the same dishes for 10-15 percent less.

5 dishes to try first

The national dishes of Malaysia are a mixture of Chinese, Thai, Indian cuisine. And this mixture is really delicious.

Nasi Lemak

This is a hearty and tasty breakfast of rice boiled in coconut milk, fresh cucumbers, boiled eggs, anchovies, beans and (optional) meat. The main thing in nasi lemak is spicy sambal sauce. It is he who gives the dish an unusual, but bright and memorable taste.

National dishes in Malaysia

Ais Kachang

A local variation of ice cream, but instead of milk, here is regular ice. It is finely chopped, and then poured with toppings (condensed milk, chocolate), corn and rainbow syrups with different flavors are added. Very refreshing on a hot day. Sold in almost all cafes and ice cream stalls.

National dessert in Malaysia

Tandoori Chicken

This dish came to Malaysia from India. It is a fried chicken that has been marinated in a spicy-sweet marinade for several hours before. The chicken becomes juicy and crispy. The dish is served with sauce and roti chanai (freshly baked bread tortilla). You can buy tandoori chicken in markets or beach cafes.

National food in Malaysia

koi tiao noodles

According to tourists, noodles should be tried on the island of Penang – here they cook it everywhere and everywhere well. The dish is fatty, hearty, but tasty. Rice noodles are fried along with egg, soy, seafood and garlic. The dish is seasoned with soy sauce and slices of citrus fruits.

Traditional Malaysian cuisine

National laksa fish soup

For this dish you need to go to where they trade fishing. Each Malaysian region prepares laksa in its own way. It is based on rich fish broth, rice noodles, vegetables and spices. This soup is very different from our fish soup. Try it to see for yourself.

Traditional dish in Malaysia - laksa soup

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