Snorkeling in Blue Bay Marine Park, Mauritius: Ultimate Guide 2024

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Blue Bay marine park is an excellent snorkeling spot in the south of Mauritius island. In 1997 this place was declared as national heritage, with many types of corals that were found. The area of 350 hectares from that period is under the protection of the government. This is a place of interest among tourists and snorkeling in Blue Bay marine park is a must-do, once you’re in the southeast coast. 

Read this post about snorkeling in Blue Bay marine park; get more details about tours and prices, season, what to see and other information for first time visitors.

Snorkeling in Blue Bay Marine Park

Blue Bay Marine Park Snorkeling Spots 

The whole area of the marine park is divided into several zones. Some of them are available for swimming and snorkeling and others are protected conservation zones, where corals require special attention and should not be disturbed by groups of tourists. 

This place is one of the nature reserves in Mauritius that worth exploring. Even though the area is suitable mostly for snorkeling, there are many locations in the area where you can enjoy diving in Blue Bay.

From the beach 

Snorkeling in Blue Bay marine park can be enjoyed right from the Blue Bay public beach. There are not so many corals there and the ones you’ll see are bleached and small. One of the reasons is easy accessibility by many people, choosing this Mauritius beach for vacation.

Anyway, bright schools of fish will please you. There you’ll meet red-cheek wrasse and very unusual and colorful damselfish. Exploration of the underwater world can be really exciting, but don’t swim too far to the south of the beach. Stop near the rocks, further it is a conservation area which is prohibited for visitors. 

Blue Bay Park Snorkeling in Mauritius

Another spot where you can enjoy snorkeling in Blue Bay is near the Pointe Corps de Garde. You should swim in the eastern direction, opposite to Ile des Deux Cocos. This is actually already not a territory of the marine park.

If you turn to the west, in direction to the island mentioned earlier you’ll reach the protected marine park area, you can snorkel there but only being assisted by the guide. Unfortunately, corals in this zone are almost destroyed, which is really sad to see.

But, you can find sea stars and sea urchins there. The reason why you should stay within the borders of mentioned areas is that it can be simply dangerous due to many boats. 

Areas reached by boat

One of the spots for snorkeling in Blue Bay marine park is located close to Shandrani Resort. It is the perfect place for corals to grow, as the bay is protected from waves and currents. Visibility is really great and the depth is only about 6 meters.

You can expect to see corals shaped like mushrooms. It’s also a place where schools of colorful parrot fish can be seen. Also, turtles are rare guests in this area, so if you’re lucky enough maybe you’ll meet one. 

Another area is even more shallow about 2-3 meters depth and located right at the exit from the bay. This place is full of corals with different shapes and tropical fish. 

Snorkeling in Blue Bay, Mauritius

Snorkeling tours in Blue Bay park 

As you can guess you need a boat to visit the most picturesque areas of the marine park. You can discuss and rent a boat right at the beach or you can pre-book your tour.

If you’re thinking of the second option, then you’ll be offered to visit three snorkeling locations within the lagoon.

So, you’ll have a chance to enjoy the diversity of marine life. The boat is glass-bottom and during your tour you’ll be offered snacks and drinks. Group tours usually start early in the morning. Click here for more details.


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