Tourist’s Guide to Blue Bay Beach, Mauritius Island (2024)

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One of the most famous beaches in Mauritius island is Blue Bay public beach. In order to visit it, go directly to the south-east of the country. This place is very famous among travelers from all over the world, locals also prefer to go there. 

Blue Bay Beach is located in the village of the same name, in Grand Port District. If your goal is to check out all beaches in Mauritius, then from Blue Bay public beach you can go to La Cambuse beach, which is located 15 km to the west.

Much closer, about 4 km to the east from Blue Bay beach there is Pointe d’Esny beach, also worth visiting. The bay protects vacationers from strong wind, the waves are also not so big there, making this place a whole year destination for beach holiday in Mauritius island.  

Keep reading Blue Bay public beach ultimate guide and get up-to-date information about how to get there, things to do, hotels to stay nearby and other useful tips for visitors.

Sunset at Blue Bay Beach in Mauritius
Photo by Nashad Rujobolly

Blue Bay Beach General Information 

This beach is an attractive option to families with children, as it’s rather shallow. Coast line and entrance to the water are fine sand which is free of rocks, so no special water shoes are required. The western boundary of the beach is framed with massive rocks. For additional safety vacationers, the area for swimming is marked with buoys. 

This place got its name for a reason, water here is clean, and because it’s not so deep here, it warms up well, up to 30 degrees C. For those who want to enjoy swimming in the refreshing sea water, it is better to come to the beach at night. Don’t forget about necessary precautionary measures. 

It’s not the best idea to plan your visit to this beach during weekends, as many locals come here to relax, so to find the free space for yourself you have to come early in the morning. It’s better to avoid visiting during festival periods. 

It’s better to plan your visit to Blue Bay public beach within the following time frame: 7.00 till 11.00 in the morning and from 13.00-17.00 in the afternoon. 

Public beach Blue Bay has all necessary facilities for very comfortable and secure time spending: restrooms, showers and police. 

Blue Bay Public Beach
Photo by Nashad Rujobolly

How to get to Blue Bay Public Beach

Blue Bay public beach is a place easily accessible by car or public transport, like bus for example. This beach is located only 10 km to the south-east from International Airport. So, it can be a great option to say “bye” to the island before leaving it. If you’re traveling from Port Louis, be ready to spend about one hour driving. 

Visitors mostly say that it’s almost impossible to find a place in the parking lot, if you’re traveling by car. Space for parking is occupied by stalls with fruits or other traditional food and snacks.  

Things to do 

Visit Blue Bay Marine Park

One of the reasons why tourists come to Blue Bay is not only its nice and picturesque beach, but also Blue Bay Marine Park. This place received its status in 1997 and will allow you to check coral gardens, especially very old and huge coral in the mind-like shape. This Mauritius nature reserve can be visited by joining a glass-boat tour. You can also enjoy snorkeling in marine park

Join a day tour to Ile Des Deux Cocos

You can enjoy the views on Ile Des Deux Cocos – this paradise island, covered by green palms and casuarina trees, lying on the beach. But don’t miss an option to explore the place. This island is one of Mauritius resorts that is a must-visit if you’re looking for a comfortable high-end vacation. Check the link to read more about the day tour and check availability options

Blue Bay Beach, Mauritius
Photo by Nashad Rujobolly

Ile aux Aigrettes

This nature reserve is a great option to visit if you would like to meet giant tortoises not in enclosures like in La Vanille Nature park but in wild nature. During the tour the guide will tell you a lot about endemic species of animals and birds living in this area, so its worth visiting. 

Like in other parts of the Mauritius island there are plenty of water activities to enjoy here. For example, kayaking, diving, you can also rent a speedboat and explore nearby locations for the sea. If you’re a fishing fan, in Blue Bay you can try fishing from the shore or rent a boat and enjoy deep sea fishing

Where to eat 

There are now many places to eat you can choose from. Most of them are located within walking distance from Blue Bay public beach. One of the popular locations is Esco Burger with fresh burgers and crispy fries. So, just relax, forget about healthy eating and enjoy your meal. 

If your goal is to enjoy something traditional (creole), then go ahead to The Spot Cafe. It’s very close to the beach and the prices there might seem a bit higher compared to other places in Mauritius, but you should give it a try and order prawns, the portions are of big size and very delicious, so it’s worth the money spent. 

There are several other places to eat near the beach, but according to reviews its better not to visit them.   

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