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The tiny Boracay island in Philippine is famous for its amazing tropical landscapes, white coral sand coastline and impeccable tourist infrastructure. On this small piece of land there are 17 beaches that worth exploring. The best beaches in Boracay are Bulabog Beach, on the east coast, and White Beach, facing west. These beach areas are considered some of the most comfortable in all the Philippine Islands.

The best beaches in Boracay

Since 2012, the island has consistently ranked in the top of many ratings as one of the most popular seaside resorts on the planet. In 2014, Boracay topped the list of the most beautiful inhabited islands on Earth, and in 2016 the readers of Conde Nast Traveler, an international luxury travel magazine, put the trendy island resort to the top of the list as the most sought-after luxurious vacation destinations.

White Beach

The white beach in Boracay, stretches for 3.5 kilometers and is the most popular at the resort. It is surrounded by hotels, restaurants, nightclubs. The 100-meter hills, overgrown with tropical forests, protect the coast from seasonal easterly winds.

White Beach is conventionally divided into three zones, called Stations. All kinds of water activities are offered here, the most popular being helmet diving. This fun is available even to children. Beachgoers put on transparent diving helmets and set out to wander the seabed among reefs and flocks of colorful coral fish.

The air goes to the helmet from the surface through flexible tubes that do not restrict movement. Underwater explorers are accompanied by an instructor. The cost of such a dive – from $ 28 per person. In the evenings, resort guests sit on verandas of beach restaurants and relax, admiring the stunning images of sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.

White beach on Boracay Island

Bulabog Beach

For an amazing sunrise, head to the east coast of the island. Here passengers are taken by three-wheeled electric bicycle cabs with a cabin, which are on duty at the hotels. In the central part of the eastern shore is Bulabog beach. It is the second longest beach on Boracay island.

From here, many coral reefs extend into the ocean, and it is an ideal location for diving, windsurfing, kiteboarding, and kitesurfing. All necessary equipment is offered for rent here. During the “wind season,” which lasts from November to April, the coast is filled with kitesurfers.

Bulabog beach is not the best place if you’re looking for a quiet, measured beach vacation.

Best Beaches on Boracay Island - Bulabo

Pooka Beach

To the north of the island is Puka Shell Beach. It is surrounded by jungle-covered hills and is the perfect place to hide from the heat. In this part of the island you can find a large hotels resort, with their own isolated beaches. There are no crowds of tourists, you can expect a private 5 * luxurious vacation. At Puka Shell beach, you can go kayaking, paddleboarding, just swim in the azure water, play beach volleyball or have a massage.

There are only a few restaurants and cafes on the beach where you can buy drinks and food. They are right at the entrance to the beach but the prices are higher overall. If there is an opportunity to take care and buy snacks in advance, take advantage of it. In the evening, you can see the huge bats that fly out of the nearby caves.

Puca Beach on Boracay Island, Philippines

Cagban Beach

Not all beaches in Boracay are equally good. To the south stretches well-equipped beach Cagban. Here is the pier of boats and ferries linking Boracay with the large island of Panay, which lies 2 km south across the strait.

This is the beach you will see first if you go to Boracay by ferry. It is hardly worth planning a vacation on the part of the beach that is next to the pier. There are usually a lot of ships, boats, and sometimes come huge ships that bring goods to the island.

You can go a little further west, that part of the beach is more peaceful.

Cagban Beach on Boracay Island, Philippines

Manoc-Manoc Beach

Located near Cagban beach. On the beach you can meet a few vacationers, mostly only locals. Although the beach is small and quite secluded, there is no place to hide from the scorching sun. The only downside, you do not really want to go into the water, when you see 200 meters away a large number of watercraft.

Tambisaan Beach

It gained its popularity because of the rich underwater world. This is where you can enjoy snorkeling. Within 30 kilometers of the shore you can find colorful corals of the most bizarre shapes. Around them scurry back and forth colorful fish and leisurely swim representatives of crustaceans.

The beach is also famous among divers. 500 meters away from the shore is one of the best locations for diving – Crocodile Island. The beach consists of two sections, which are separated from each other by a small rock. During Habagat monsoons, this beach becomes a pier. All ships stop here, not at Cagban.

Balinghai Beach

A small Boracay beach located on the west coast of the island. The beach is considered private and can only be accessed through the Balinghai Beach Resort. If you are not a guest, you have to pay an entrance fee of 500 pesos. For this money you can use the sun beds on the beaches, eat and drink something. The shoreline itself is enclosed by cliffs and surrounded by palm trees at the back.

This gem has its own drawback. During high tide, the beach is almost completely flooded. Keep this in mind when planning your visit.

Lapuz-Lapuz Beach

It is located next to the preceding beach. The water and sand on both beaches are the same. The only difference, Lapuz Lapuz beach is a private one. It belongs to a large hotel complex. If you want to visit it, you’ll have to pay an entrance fee.

Magic Island

The main features of this island – turquoise water and locations for cliff diving and jumping from the rocks. There are five such locations on Magic Island: 3, 5, 7, 9 and 10 meters. The higher your level of training, the higher you can go. Dare to jump from the highest rock? Then dive in! We assure you it will be an unforgettable experience.

Crocodile Island

You’ll be surprised, but there are no crocodiles on this island. The place got its name because of its shape: the island resembles a crocodile’s head.

Crocodile Island is one of the best snorkeling locations on Boracay. Among the coral reefs there are hundreds of sea creatures, including scorpionfish, winged fish, moray eels, cuttlefish and others.

Crystal Cove Island

At first the locals called this island Tiguatian. The second name comes from the unique crystalline protrusions on the island. There are two underwater caves on Crystal Cove that can be reached with scuba diving. Also, beaches are full with beautiful shells, which will add to your collection of souvenirs from the Philippines Islands.

Diniwid Beach

Diniwid Beach is a sparsely populated small sandy stretch north of bustling White Beach. Here you will find the same tropical atmosphere, but you will not meet noisy companies or hear loud music from the bars.

Villas located on top of the seaside cliffs add the beauty to the beach. And next to the rocks you can cozy up for a family or romantic picnic.

You can get to Diniwid Beach from Station 1 along a small concrete path that separates it from White Beach. You can also walk to Diniwid Beach from the D’Mall in about thirty minutes.

The main feature of Diniwid beach is the fact that its pretty small. The beach is ideal for dates and secluded walks.

Ariel’s Point Rock

If you’re visiting Boracay and you like extreme sports, make sure you get to Ariel’s Point cliff to try diving from its highest point. Ariel’s Point is about forty minutes boat drive from the island.

Ariel’s Point has five platforms for jumping at different heights. And if you like climbing, you can try to get to the top with climbing equipment.

The highest platform to jump is at a height of 15 meters. There are also ledges at 7, 6, 5 and 3 meters. Be sure to experience this extreme entertainment. There are lifeguards around the rock, ready to help you if anything goes wrong during the jump.

Ariel’s Point is also a popular spot for cliff diving. Divers ascend to a high point to dive from there and watch sea creatures such as fugu fish, clownfish, coral reefs and turtles. You can also go boating or kayaking around the rock.

You can go to Ariel’s Point in the mornings.

Ilig-Iligan Beach

Going for a walk along Boracay beaches, take with you all the necessary things: sunscreen, light protective clothing so as not to burn in the sun, and, a hat. If you get hungry, there are several restaurants in the area serving local cuisine. You can also bring your own food. For example, have a quiet picnic while relaxing in the quiet and sparsely populated area of Ilig Iligan Beach.

This beach is located on the northeast coast of Boracay. To get to this isolated corner, you can join an island tour or take a cab from White Beach. Feel free to haggle with cab drivers. They usually overcharge tourists a lot.

Luxury beaches of Punta Bunga and Banyugan

These two beaches top the list of the most exclusive vacation spots on Boracay. There are fewer people here, high-class service and an atmosphere of luxury.

These beaches are available not only for hotel guests. Anyone can pay the entrance fee and enjoy all the services of Punta Bunga and Banyugan. There are luxurious restaurants on the beaches, and small eateries with national Filipino specialties nearby.

Both beaches are next to each other on the northeastern side of Boracay. Banyugan Beach is located between two large rock formations. They have fine sand and turquoise waters, but Punta Bunga beach is larger than Banyugan.

Punta Bunga Beach is accessible via Shangri-la, Mövenpick and Ecovillage resorts. The only way to get to Banyugan is through the Shangri-La. You can also visit the beaches as part of a tour of the islands of Boracay.

Prohibitions on the beaches of Boracay

As of 2018, when visiting Boracay beaches, it is forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol near the water, make bonfires for barbecues and unfold any food. But a stone’s throw from the surf line, beach bars and restaurants await hungry vacationers. Loud music is not welcome here. The local box vendors of drinks, snacks, and souvenirs, who roamed here in droves not so long ago, have been removed from the shoreline. Lifeguards pay close attention to coral preservation: you can’t take beautiful stone twigs out of the reefs as souvenirs anymore.

Prohibitions on the Beaches of Boracay Island, Philippines

Boracay sightseeing tours

There is a lot of entertainment on the island of Boracay. Numerous boat stations offer guided 4-5 hour sightseeing trips along the coast. During this mini-cruise, tourists disembark to swim at several beaches and explore nearby scenic islands. Diving kits are available on board. Lunch is served with a grill menu. The cost of the tour starts from $20 per person.


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