Perhentian Islands in Malaysia

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Perhentians or Perhentian Islands in Malaysia are an archipelago of several Malay islands. Most of them are small and uninhabited, only two islands have infrastructure: Perhentian Besar (Big Island) and Perhentian Kesil (Small Island). Perhentians are called the Paradise of Malaysia. Lovers of snorkeling, diving and beach holidays, as well as those who like luxury hotels and tropical natural views, seek to get here.

  • Where they are: in the South China Sea, 19 km from mainland Malaysia.
  • Infrastructure: hotels, shops, restaurants, private beaches and villas.
  • Entertainment: snorkeling, diving, trekking, yachting, helicopter flights.
  • On the map: link.
Perhentians, Malaysia

How to get to Perhentian

Perhentians are not connected to Malaysiaby bridges and there are no airfields, so you can only get to the islands by boat. You can rent a boat and sail to Perhentians on your own or go on “public” boats.

To do this, you need to come to the pier in the city of Kuala Besut. There is no exact timetable for the departure of the boats. If there is a group, then you will be taken to the islands immediately. If you don’t have too many people with you, you’ll have to wait. The fare is 70 ringgit per person. For this price you can swim there and back.

Renting the entire boat will cost a minimum of 2000 ringgit per day.

Perhentian islands, Malaysia

How to get around Perhentians

On the islands themselves, tourists also travel by boat. Usually guests of Perhentian from the pier in Kuala Besut are immediately taken to the hotels. But sometimes the hotel does not have its own pier, so on the island you will have to transfer to another boat to get to the desired hotel. On average, such a transfer costs 2-3 ringgits.

Горящие туры

If you want to drive around the islands and visit all the local beaches, then you will also have to swim to them. Almost every hotel has its own boat station, where you can see the boat schedule and ticket prices to different points of Perhentian.

Perhentians, Malaysia

Which island to go to: Big or Small

Perhentian Besar (Big Island) is more respectable. There are luxury hotels here, but there are no nightclubs and other high-profile entertainment. Around eight in the evening, life on Besar stops: everyone enjoys quiet gatherings on the beach or in their hotel rooms. Therefore, the Big Island is more suitable for tourists with children.

Perhentian Kesil is a youth resort, cheerful and noisy. There are cheap hostels all over the coast, but there are also three expensive hotels. In the center of Kesil there is a public beach called Long Beach. During the high season, there is music playing around the clock, bars open and occasional fire shows and fireworks.

Perhentian islands, Malaysia

When to go: high and low season

The Perhentian Islands have two distinct seasons:

  • Dry season: lasts from mid-spring to mid-autumn. It is during this period that tourists go on vacation, and the islands are filled with life.
  • Wet or Rainy Season: At the end of October, precipitation begins to fall on Perhentians. The rains don’t stop until March. At this time, strong monsoons blow and sometimes hurricanes form.

The best months to visit the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia are May, June, July, August.

Things to do in the Perhentian Islands: snorkeling, diving, beaches.

The underwater world of the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia is very diverse: there are beautiful corals, paradise fish, turtles, plankton, shrimp, crabs and lobsters. That is why people come here to observe marine life.

To go snorkeling, you can rent a mask and snorkel (or bring your own) and dive right next to the hotel – you will see a lot of interesting things.

Diving is usually further from the coast. Tourists are taken by boat deep into the sea, instructed and rented equipment. You can sign up for a diving tour at all major hotels on the islands.

With the beaches on the Perhentians, not everything is so simple. In most places, the coast is rocky and rocky, so it is difficult to swim there. If you want to go to a wild beach, then take a garbage bag with you: many places are heavily polluted.

It is better to swim and sunbathe on equipped beaches at hotels. The hotel staff carefully monitors the cleanliness of the coastline and water.

Perhentians, Malaysia

The best beaches in Perhentian are:

  • Turtle Beach. Located in the northwest of the Big Island. If you are lucky, you may be able to see sea turtles nesting. The only way to get to the beach is by boat, there is no pedestrian access to it. There are few tourists on the beach, there is no infrastructure.
  • Perhentian Island Resort. The cleanest beach at the hotel of the same name. The sand is fine, the water is clear, the bottom is flat. There is a beautiful pier, rent of sunbeds and umbrellas, a dive center and a restaurant. Anyone can swim on the beach. Located on Big Island.
  • Beaches near Cozy Resort and Cocohut Chalet. Located in a picturesque bay on Big Island. There is no wind here and it is convenient for children to swim: entry into the water is very gentle. There is a whole beach infrastructure.
  • Tuna Bay Island Resort. White sand, clear water, changing rooms, sun loungers, umbrellas and a beach cafe. Located on Perhentian Besir.
  • Long Beach. Long party beach on Small Island. It is not very clean here, but it has all the infrastructure, bars, karaoke and restaurants.

Where to stay in the Perhentian Islands

Perhentians offer a large selection of hotels, inns and hostels. Most of the good hotels are on Big Island.

The best hotels in Perhentian are:

  • Bubu Resort, BuBu Villa и Alunan Resort. They are located on Small Island. These are the only comfortable hotels in Kesil. The rest of the island’s economy class accommodation. The average cost per room in these hotels is 10,000 rubles.
  • Perhentian Cabana. The best hotel in Besira according to tourists. The room costs from 4000 rubles. There is a swimming pool, a restaurant, all the necessary equipment in the rooms and private access to the beach.
  • Eco Marine Perhentian Island Resort. Price per room – from 3500 rubles. There is a private beach.
  • Tuna Bay Island Resort. Numbers from 11 thousand. Gorgeous beach, developed infrastructure, entertainment, spa, restaurant.
  • Perhentian Island Resort. Each room has a private balcony overlooking the sea. Near is the cleanest beach. There is a restaurant of national Malay cuisine. The cost of living is 12,000 rubles per day in the high season.

Perhentians are not yet very popular among our compatriots. But guests from the west and locals love to relax here. A visit to the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia is a unique opportunity to plunge into a tropical resort atmosphere and truly take a break from the bustle of megacities.

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